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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photo courtesy of WaySpa
Spa Week is a bi-annual event that allows you to enjoy luxurious full-service spa treatments at the finest spas across Canada for just $50 each.  Sign me up! 

Now that the twins are older I can leave home more often and treat myself.  I have neglected myself for far too long.  It's easy to book your Spa Week appointment.  All you have to do is:

1. Pick your Province
2. Pick your $50 spa treatment
3. Purchase your WaySpa voucher
4. Book your appointment

From April.21-27 hundreds of spa's are included across a Canada and the USA.  Some of my favourite spa's that I've been is Ici Paris. I had a excellent Yonka facial there and amazing massage technique by Georgia.   I'd love to try a service at Holts Spa which is conveniently located in one of my favourite shops, Holt Renfrew. But I think Pure Beauty Salon and Spa at the Trump Hotel is calling my name!
photo courtesy of WaySpa

I'll be sure to share with you what service I get done and where!
Book your appointment today.

Deserre's - Our favourite art shop #Win a Janod Easel!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I can spend all day on the DeSerre's site picking out fabulous art and craft supplies.  My son is big into art and he loves to draw and paint.  I thought it was time for him to get an easel and boy was he happy when he came home from school to see this!
The Janod Easel, currently out of stock!

It was relatively easy to set up and makes for a beautiful gift.  With Easter coming up I think this is a great gift if you do gifts at this time of year.
Janod is a French brand and the quality is nice.  It comes with chalk, water cups for pain and the brush and marker for the swipe board on the other side.  I like the height adjustable feature, adorable magnets, a roll of paper.
If you have an artist in your family visit and their Fine Arts Sale.  They now accept PayPal too! Which is dangerous for me.  I love checking out their Games and Activities for Kids section.  Lots of creativity there.

Canada Only, ends April.28/14
Enter to win a Janod Black/White Board Easel from DeSerres and Everything Mom and Baby

Review: The Snugg

I just got a snazzy new cover for my iPad and the company that it is from is called The Snugg.
It is super stylish, leather and a came in beautiful Hermés orange. 

Product Features
  • Lifetime Guarantee upon registration, and our unique quality Promise
  • Durable, attractive orange PU leather with soft nubuck lining
  • Integrated cover, strap and stylus loop
  • Cut-outs for switches, ports and buttons
Materials Used
  1. PU leather exterior
  2. Nubuck Fibre Interior
  3. Velcro Tab to secure
  4. Cotton stitch finish
What I liked about ordering from The Snugg:
It's fast delivery, their packaging(which in my opinion gives me a brands first impression), quality and variety. You can choose eReader covers, phone cases, tablets of all kinds and even camera's.  Choose your brand here and pick the case you need.
The Snugg iPad Case Cover and Flip Stand $39.00, view here
What I appreciate the most from The Snugg is it's lifetime guarantee. I've had a few cases in the past that have not stood up to my clan getting their grubby little fingers on my iPad.
You can choose from leather and silicone another cool product that I may be a future purchase is their Snugg Power 8Ah lightening fast portable charger.  My phone battery is usually low by midday and when out with the family and no charger in hand I think I could use this. As a small business owner as well I need to be on top of orders and as a blogger in contact with my sponsors and fans.

I also love their motto:
                                            "We don't do cheap. We do quality"

I hope you'll discover The Snugg love.  If you need a new cover check them out and if you get one. Let me know. It'll be June soon so think teacher gift or even a cover for the classroom tablet. They do special bulk orders!

SodaStream-Turning water at home into a sparkling delight!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I have seen sodastream for the last few months flood on my Twitter stream.  At first I was like what is this? Really? Make your own pop at home?  Well for someone who doesn't have pop at home that often I wasn't sure if it was something we'd use.   But what we do have kicking around is Club Soda. 
We make wine spritzers and or do Vodka/Soda bevvies when it comes to consuming the odd alcoholic beverage.  I am not too into the syrups they use as I couldn't find out too much info on their ingredient list which is fine by me.   I am really enjoying our Genesis Seltzer Starter Kit(Note: I didn't get the syrups)
We love how quick and easy it is to use.  We have alkalized water at home so I love that can turn my healthy water into a carbonated delight easily and not have to buy club soda anymore and not have to throw out plastic bottles into the recycling bin!  I add fresh fruit or make my own simple syrup with coconut sugar if I want to sweeten it.   I love our Sodastream mostly though for my wine spritzers.  The water stays fizzy for days too!  I do recommend getting one.  Check it out.  It's so convenient. It's on my kitchen counter ans used daily as I like to drink soda water with mint and lime.  Refreshing and made at home.

Recipe of the Day for Baby: Chicken Pate for Baby

Monday, April 7, 2014

When my son was an infant in all the baby cook books I read through cereal was always suggested.  But I never saw liver.  It is nutritional and although you may think "Uckk!" this is something missing from most children's diet.  Chicken is nice and mild and use quality chicken livers.  Think of the organ and its function.  Not all chickens are fed or treated the same.

Liver is a nutritional powerhouse.  It has the zinc and especially the iron that is needed in first foods.  "Nourishing a Growing Baby" from the Weston A. Price Foundation website has everything you need to feed in my opinion the right way in regards to feeding first foods.  My girls have eaten this way and they are regular and have no sign of eczema. I think grains or cereal is the reason why so many infants suffer from eczema.  I see it in my son.

So how do I make my "Chicken Paté?" Again I am just throwing stuff together but my inspiration comes from the cookbook "Super Nutrition for Babies".  Also if baby is just starting into solids, Holistic Squid has a fantastic blog post on first foods too!

I boil the organic chicken livers(which I order from in my bone broth. I take a few livers as you get a good amount in a BPA airtight bag from 
I add it to about a 1/4 cup-1/2 cup of chicken bone broth, chopped organic sweet potatoes and a dash of himalayan sea salt. That's it!
Cook for about 15 minutes. Transfer and blend. When I put it in my mini food processor I add unsalted butter(you could do coconut oil as wel or even mix in with a nice soft boiled egg yolk) and puree and feed baby.  My girls gobble it up.
It freezes nicely and I usually serve it warm.  But room temperature is nice too after you pull it out of the freezer.

It's very nutritious and suggested you feed liver every other day because it's high in Vitamin A.
source: Super Nutrition for Babies

Here's a fun vintage ad.  From looking through I see a lot of "Nourishing" or the word "nourished" used in vintage baby food ads. Something I find is missing in today's marketing.  I wouldn't buy ready made liver prepared foods but this is kinda neat and inspirational for another recipe.

So....are you going try feeding baby  liver?

link within

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