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Monday, July 14, 2014

Well Canada Day has come and gone and if you're far and away from your "home and native land" or even right home in Canada, Netflix has just the right Canadian docs and show's you know and love.
All of the shows this month were either filmed in Canada, take place in Canada, like Are You Afraid of the Dark, or were created here. O Canada!

My son is a big fan of Are you Afraid of the Dark and Johnny Test.  He enjoyed seeing Jasper, Canada(as referred in the movie, lol) in the flick Alpha and Omega.
  1. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  2. Johnny Test
  3. Black Hole High
  4. Alpha and Omega
  5. Goosebumps
  6. Erky Perky
  7. Eliot Kid
  8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
But if you'd like something for the smaller kids check out these listings from Netflix:

Stuck on You: The Coolest Kids Labels & Gifts Review

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are you thinking back to school? Are you going to register your child in camp this month? Are you planning a fun family vacation? If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions then Stuck on You is a site worth exploring.

I am giddy with this company. We got some serious products from them and let me tell you. The quality, price, shipping and products are pretty awesome.  My son got the cutest lunch boxes and matching water bottle with some really cool labels.  My twins got the cutest messenger bags. Twin families...take note ;)

I will warn you. It's very easy to get a little excited shopping on this site. There are lots of great items to get!

The twins were all over the Stuck on You products.  Especially their bags! You see when traveling with twins I like to keep things organized.  When I got their adorable Russian dolls messenger bags I put their own change pad in it, their spare diapers and wipes and back up clothes in case I have an leaky messes.  Ever go out with baby and find they have leaked and you have no spare dry clothes? I keep there stuff separate and in the front pocket I can got some toys or snacks & food.  In the stroller it goes and I am prepared.  Have twins? Or two or more littles one at home close in age? Get the bags to keep things clean and organized.  They are marketed for older kids but my girls will have these bags for a few years.  Their names are embroidered in and the quality is excellent.

Charlie loves his Robot lunch box and matching water bottle.  We never leave home with it.  Even though school is over I always have snacks ready on the go and his knick knacks that he likes to bring. Nothing get lost and again I have the children's belongings separated and nothing gets lost.  I hate wasting time looking in the basket of my stroller or in all the pockets of my diaper bag.

How do you order?

It's simple.  Remember it is addictive and you will love your purchase. Trust me.  

Pick your item - Choose your colour- Choose your design- Choose your font

I hope you'll have fun exploring Stuck on You.  You are bound to find so many items you never realized you needed!  I am thrilled to have discovered this line.  It makes it into my Seal of Approval category.

#Win a night at the CourtYard Marriott! @Courtyard_NF #Eat #Sleep #Explore #Niagara

Thursday, July 10, 2014

If you read my review last year on the Courtyard Marriott you will know just how much I loved this hotel and it's staff.  Well I am happy to share with this amazing giveaway.  There is so much going on in Niagara this Summer.  Besides the Falls and new outlet mall(which I want to visit by the way!) take the family on a visit to Neob Lavender Farm....parents slip away for wine tasting with Reif Winery.
Come see what's going on and plan your vacation with Courtyard Marriott. You won't be disappointed.

Wanna enter to win? Click here to enter!

Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby: A complete holistic guide for #breastfeeding

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nutritionist Kimberly Ignas, CNP NNCP & Sprout Right Instructor and Chantal Jura have come up with this complete holistic guide to help you figure out exactly what every breastfeeding mother needs during those trying postpartum times to replenish, nourish and refuel her body and provide her and her little one with the best nutrition possible.
Appreciating Health has come out with an excellent guide for all moms to be and new moms must have. Breast feeding nutrition is important. We know that. But sometimes we need a little guidance and the right information to nourish our children.  This book has helped me in eating better.  It has guided me in making the right choices to nourish my babies and I feel better knowing my body is making and providing the milk my babies need for better nutrition, growth and development.

Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby is an e-book.  New moms at the hospital can easily download a copy. Friends of new moms gift this e-book to your friend.  It contains such valuable information and the recipes are excellent!  Mom can even join the exclusive and private Facebook book for Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby customers for even more one on one help and support.

Product Description

Nutrition during breastfeeding can be a very confusing time. As a breastfeeding mother, you are already providing your baby with the best nourishment for their growth and health – your milk. 
You might have questions however, about: 
*What foods and drinks are best for you?
*How much extra calories do you need?
*What foods should you avoid, if at all?
*What are galactagogues?
*Will you produce enough milk?
*Can you diet while breastfeeding?
*What about Vegan Moms who breastfeed?
*What are good non-dairy sources of calcium?
What I like about Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby?
The 7 day meal plan is pretty awesome.  I was dazed and confused in my sleep deprivation. You can even get friends/family to help out and have them make some of the milk boosting nutrition recipes! The recipes are great.  
Just to list some of my favourites:  
 - Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes, De-Stress Mama Smoothie, Lactation Cookies, Milk Boosting Oat/Maca Smoothie,  Banana Breakfast Bread, Buddha Bowl, Chicken Stuffed Peppers with Yam fries...there's so much more but I don;t want to give it away. Get a copy!

But wait! Here's a fab recipe I just had to share with you.

Open worldwide. Appreciating Health is going to gift their e-book to one lucky mama!
Stay tuned for a twitter party too! We love a good party and prizes. Coming soon.
To enter: Click on Read more or Blog title to enter. Good luck! 
Spread the gift of nutrition, share this post and to buy a copy or gift a copy visit: www.appreciaitinghealth.com

Santeiva Food Spa: Clean fruits and veggies with ozone technology! It removes 99.9% of pesticides and more....

Monday, June 23, 2014

"Clean your fruit, veggies, and meats using effective O3 technology!Concerned about pesticides, bacteria, and parasites on your food?  The Ozone Food Sanitizer uses O3 (ozone) to powerfully clean and disinfect your food, so you are left with produce, meats and seafood so clean you can taste the freshness!"
The Santevia Food Spa.  Sounds great right?  Well let me tell you. IT IS! 

With my babies eating food now I was buying and spending so much on organic fruits and veggies.  Don't get me wrong. I still do but when I don't because lets be honest- sometimes baby food ends up on the floor and not in their tummies and with that is money gone in the garbage.
I have found I am buying more fruit and veggies that are not necessarily organic but regular and with regular produce comes pesticides, herbacides and other chemicals.  Does a wash in water and vinegar do the job? A little I guess but using the Santevia Food Spa it removes 99.9% of all contaminants and if food falls on the ground I don't get so disappointed.
You can also clean meats and fish but I recommend you buy another basket or machine to use separately.  Just like you have two cutting boards. One for meat, one for fruit & veg.

SAVE! From July.1-July.7 save 10% off your own Santevia Food Spa.  Use code: MOMBABY10

I am also juicing more and really snacking healthier and  better because of the Santevia Food Spa.

How to use?
Just fill it up with water and make sure the hose is attached to the back of the Food Spa. Turn it on and then pick the right setting.  Once done, put the hose in the sink and let it dry.  In a matter of a few minutes you have fresh, clean fruit and vegetables for the whole family to enjoy.

Please note this is an older model used in the video:

Do I recommend it?
YES! YES! YES!  I gave it my Seal of Approval after all.
I think every household should have this.  With this item you'll have clean fresh food that will also last longer!
Thanks to the wonderful folks at Santevia (a Canadian company!) they would love to give one away to a lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby.   Simply enter the raffle included in this post.
Giveaway is open to USA & Canada.  Ends July.7/14.

link within

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