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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I love this chart!  It helps me with choosing the best in health products for my family.   I could use this for myself as well but I think it's a helpful guide you may all like too and may not have thought for yourself and the kiddo's.  Below I've suggested 4 products that compliment what is this chart is all about and I think we can all incorporate into our daily lives.  What do you think?  What would you add?

For example for Energy & Multivitamins - The way I sneak in Orange Naturals is by giving my husband and our son the ND shakes(every morning!) ND Shakes are formulated to meet unique daily requirements for women, men, teens and kids. There’s an ND Shake for everyone in the family – even the pickiest.  Orange Naturals can easily be used in day-to-day recipes to help boost your health with their tinctures as well. Check out more on their blog for recipes.
For getting EPA+ DHA and to nourish growing brains I am big on fish oils.  Kids need the right fat and boys need twice as more for their brains!
With Winter you need keep for VitD levels up and to build the immune system and for serotonin and probiotics Orange Naturals has something for that too ;)

It's easy to incorporate wellness into our lives and to main health.  That's the main reason for this post.  I found the chart above to be brilliant and something I think you can learn from.  It's never too late to build healthy habits.

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Also above I asked your thoughts on the charts and the products I suggested.  What would you add?

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special 
perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

The Cincher by Amia~ enhance your curves

Post partum support is highly support.  I still remember when my mom presented me with a girdle/high waisted underwear for me to wear after my son was born.  She said "You have to support your abdomen after baby".  Well what did I do when I had the twins.  Let me tell you about the The Cincher by Amia.  I love this.  It slims the waist and you can wear your any bra and knickers you'd like with it.  And believe it or not.  It's COMFORTABLE.  I wore it in the Summer with no issues and it sure sucks everything in and supports.  You easily get an 1-4 inches taken in when you wear The Cincher and it provides maximum control.

"All of the targeted mid-section support you need with PowerLatex and FlexiBoning– designed with flexibility for any clothing style."

There are those little hooks and clasps but it gets quicker and easier to put on the more you use it.  I love the silhouette I can achieve when I wear my cincher and improve my posture.
The Cincher comes is sizes XS - 2XL.  You can buy online at it's an excellent shop paying close attention to what a woman wants when it comes to slimming,supporting and enhancing.

Fisher Price Smart Stages Launch: 3 levels of programmable learning!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

      Earlier this month I was invited to a great product launch from Fisher Price.  I haven't blogged about Fisher Price in ages because to be honest...we don't have any Fisher Price toys anymore.  All the toys my son had we cleaned up and donated.  We started a no battery rule at our home and we've enjoyed the peace and quiet.  However my twins have never experience toys that talk and make sounds so I thought okay.  Let's see what's new with their Smart Stages campaign as I am always curious how brands change over time.  Also I wanted to meet Gerry Dee, who by far he has the best show on CBC - Mr.D.

    What my morning involved:

 LAUGH with Gerry Dee as he introduces the new toy lineup - He was hilarious as always
·      LEARN with Dr. Deb Weber about the importance of learning through play and the research that  inspired Smart Stages™ technology- I loved this.  I found it rather interesting as they go through the  stages which you can find on Fisher Price.
·      LOOK at real moms and babies playing with Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ at a special VIP  Play Date, hosted by Momstown (She was amazing!)
·      LEAVE with my very own Smart Stages™ Chair!  We also got a Laugh & Learn Smart Stages  Puppy Train so the twins each have their own toy.

Well it was fascinating to learn how electronic toys are developed to now grow with your children. I didn't know there was such a need for that as we play with natural toys and we're sort of new to The Smart
Smart Stages™ technology.  It features six interactive Laugh & Learn® toys, giving infants to toddlers the chance to learn by growing and experiencing the world around them. Each toy features three levels of programmable learning, so babies can discover the world at their own pace.  That's pretty neat and better on your dollar for the long run.

What have my twins been playing with all this time?  Well making a mess, playing with each other mostly, music play-they love to dance and we have a lot of Waldorf wooden toys, you know toys from Grimms and Ostheimer, silk scarves and Waldorf dolls that my mother makes.  Colouring is a new form of play they've discovered and of course tearing books off the book cases, playing with pots and pans and rolling bathroom tissue off.

How did they react to the new electronical toys?
They are laughing and enjoyed them.  They still seem to lean to more the quieter toys but they do have fun with the flashing lights from the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy Train.  The Smart Stages Chair is fun for them as it's their little seat and they like to dance to the 50+ songs & tunes that the chair plays so we have a  nice balance of old vs new when it comes to toys.

Overall Fisher Price has lots of toys for all types of parents.  The Smart Stages is a great new line of toys aimed to grow with your child.  It will be loved for many years I am sure!
Do you have a favourite Fisher Price toy?

The SmartCool Bottle Tote from @PlaytexInfant #MomTrust

Monday, October 27, 2014

I think this has been one of my favourite products I've had the privilege to review as a part of the #MomTrust campaign with Playtex.

It's the SmartCool Bottle Tote.  I use it for so many things-not just milk!  It comes with two gel ice packs that you can fit in the pockets of the tote keeping things cold for up to 14hrs.  It has 3 deep pockets and can fit 3 bottles and a little pacifier/nipple storage attachment as well.
It's a handy little must have for Moms on the go and you'll be glad to have this.  Trust me.  Something so simple can make having snacks & beverages stay cool when needed and you will use it over and over again!
Disclosure: I'm a Playtex MomTrust blogger.  All opinions are my own as always.

What are some of your favourite must haves when it comes to baby and feeding?

Peek-A-Boo! Spooky Festivities for Baby & You from @DisneyBaby #DisneyMom

Spooky scenes, creepy costumes and eerie eats: these Halloween favourites can be overwhelming for a little one. But while there’s plenty to be scared of on All Hallows’ Eve, getting your baby involved should be no cause for fear. Here are five great ideas from Disney Baby for toning down the fright night festivities, so your little pumpkins can join in the action too!

1) Be an early bird

If your baby is old enough and you want to go out and trick-or-treat or take in the ghoulish sights, don’t be afraid to head out early. Try talking to your neighbours and organizing a special event for wee ones before the real action begins. Or find out who is home during the day, and make your rounds then!

2) Nix the neighbourhood

If you aren’t comfortable taking your little ones trick-or-treating, there are often local baby-friendly events you can bring them to instead. If you’re not sure where to start, try a zoo! Many organize Halloween activities specifically for young children.

3) Revel with your relatives

For a more low-key option, have a little party at home or take your baby to visit the family! Have everyone get dressed up in fun, friendly costumes, make a few treats like these frozen ‘boo’-nana pops, or set up a creepy craft station.

4) Stick with stories

If the idea of Halloween is still a bit overwhelming, and you want to introduce it to your little one slowly, start with a few Halloween-themed tales, like Pooh says Boo! or Halloween Surprise. Books like these are a simple and easy way to bring the festivities home, ensuring that baby enjoys a Halloween treat, and you enjoy a quiet night in.

5) Choose a comfy costume

Whatever activity you choose, if you decide to include a costume, make sure baby is not only cute but also comfy. This cozy Mickey Mouse ensemble features soft fabrics, as well as snap button closures to make mom’s life easier!

Disclosure: I am a part of the DisneyBaby #DisneyMom blogger campaign.  All opinions are my own and content is from DisneyBaby.

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