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Monday, September 15, 2014

I've been searching for a green salon for a while now.  I never really thought about hair colour for some crazy reason as being bad for you.  I'm pretty natural when it comes to skin care for me and my family.  I haven't coloured my hair in ages but when I do I like to add a little blonde and I've just discovered a term called Balayage.  Have you heard of it?  It's a special French technique for applying high lights and low lights.   But is it safe? What goes into hair dye?

At worldSALON Brian Phillips who is the owner has created his own natural hair products called worldProducts that are out of this world and the ingredients are truly safe and not toxic.  No parabens. sulphites, fragrance, colour or phathlates.  Most of the products have more than one function too.
Pregnant and nursing mama's take note!  Wash and style knowing you're not inhaling anything toxic nor absorbing nasty chemicals.  If you think your baby can't or will absorb chemicals in utero, think again by visiting this article on Huffington Post. It's scary and that it why I searched for a safe salon.
But what about hair colour?  At worldSalon they use La Biosthetique which is a hair dye I can say respect.

Here's why you should go to worldSalon for colour:

- La Biosthetique colour is of the highest quality
- La Biosthetique has the lowest ammonia
- La Biosthetique is Para-phenylenediamine {PPD} FREE. It is a known carcinogen.

I loved my whole experience at worldSalon.  As I stepped in I love the airiness, the greenery of  plants to purify the air, no synthetic aroma from chemicals, friendly staff and natural light.
My experience with the lovely Emily by far exceeded my expectations.  She was amazing and listened to what I wanted and gave me what I wanted.  She gave me a wonderful cut and colour.  As mentioned above I had the bayalage/ombre technique applied to my hair.  I went from drab to fab!  What do you think?  Two months later my hair is low maintenance I can't imagine not going the ombre route.  I don't have time for monthly touch ups.  Come see my Instagram pics on how lovely my colour looks, 2 months later.
So me and worldSALON got thinking.....Since they made me feel so wonderful, sexy and hot how about you?  Are you looking for a new look? Are you curious about ecofriendly products and care about the chemicals that are found in products and would like to avoid them?   Comment below for a chance to win a haircut and colour/highlights from their newest member Micah.  
Rules & Regulations.
It's simple to enter.  Do all that is required in the raffle, lol and you must be able to travel to the salon. Last minute cancellations is not cool, this is something I am adding in as I used to work in the industry.  So please make sure you have a reliable sitter and do not cancel the day of your appointment or run severely late.  10 min max unless wordSalon has another policy.  This is my policy.  And don't forget to tip!  Good luck!  Only one winner will be randomly picked.

Book your worldSALON experience today!
132 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, Ontario  M5C 1L7

The Hyundai SanteFe XL Review #HyundaiDriveSquad

Friday, September 12, 2014

photo courtesy of Hyundai Canada SanteFe XL

Man oh man Hyundai does a good job.

I love being a part of the #HyundaiDriveSquad.  When we got the opportunity to review the new SanteFe XL 2014  I was excited to be asked again.  You can read my review on the SanteFe Sport  last year on my blog but what made this experience super special was being able to go to Winnipeg to see our family who we haven't seen in over 6 years and my husbands parents hadn't met their grand daughters yet. I miss Winnipeg.

We drove from Toronto to Winnipeg and back again (2200km x 2) with 3 small kids and it was total comfort the whole way!  Seriously. We'd do this trip again in a snap. My hubby was so proud he bought a t-shirt with Highway 17 emblazoned on it.  

The people at Hyundai are so proud of their vehicles that they want to show them off. We had use of the gorgeous SanteFe XL for two solid weeks and had a blast! It drives like a smaller car but on the highway there was no safer feeling then cruising with a 7 seater SUV that commands respect and gobbles up the miles smoothly and with power.

What I liked was the control of the air and sound from the stereo. My son could even adjust the air conditioner to his comfort.  The sun shades that you pull up were great for keeping the sun out of the babies eyes, the XM radio is nice when you're out in the middle of nowhere.  We listened to a lot of comedy!  I found it really cool that I could charge my camera in the back of the SanteFe XL as it had an outlet.  In the front you can charge your phone as it has USB connectors.  The seats were comfortable.  When you're the passenger as I was I never sore when I got up nor was my hubby who did all the driving.
Trunk space.  Well there was enough room for a single stroller, a babycarrier, all our luggage(2 big suitcases),  blankets, shopping bags, a picnic basket in the middle of the seats for snacks along the way and then some.  We folded one seat down to give us the room we needed for this road trip which was a blessing.  I liked that my seats had a pouch for extra storage on the back.  
We literally drove for 10-12 hours a day and honestly could have kept going.   I have to give a shout out to the twins luxurious car seats.  I love Clek!  The Snowberry is stunning and this car seat has all the wow factor with safety and it's features.  It comes highly recommended!  If you're looking for a new car seat invest in Clek.  
 The twins were strapped in their beautiful Clek car seats and Charlie had the whole back section to himself and never complained once!  He had a nice set up back there.  There was a lot of room. He had his controllers to his right, he was drawing, colouring, playing on the iPad, entertaining his sisters and having a grand 'ol time in his little "man cave".  Except when we had to stop for bathroom breaks.   A great way for him to get up close and personal with nature, lol. 
I will say the getting Clek foonf car seats for the twins was brilliant for this road trip.  You have no idea how messy it got in there and the material is so unique it made cleaning it a breeze.   Crypton® Super Fabrics are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains(messy toddlers!), moisture and odor-causing bacteria(hello spilled milk and smoothies!) and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Awesome right?  
The design, extended rear facing and esthetic look is also a plus(I like pretty things)  and for a long road trip I was content in knowing that they were in the best car seat for their safety and comfort.  I also like that it's the least non toxic car seat out there.

The skies the limit! Look at the sun roof.  Nothing like a quick photo before pulling over to the bushes!

The car seats were a snap to put in.  Clek makes it so easy.  They really are the Mother of all Car Seats.  The smooth recline and easy installation made this a breeze as we were getting the car set up for the road trip.  
The SanteFe XL handled beautifully once we got into Winnipeg.  No problem wheeling around the city streets and parking.  The only reminder that we weren't in a smaller car was the gas mileage- but all that considering it wasn't too bad. Honestly.  Much better than my dads '74 Mercury station wagon.

Come see what the Hyundai SanteFe XL has to offer by visiting HyundaiCanada.com.
For a family of 5, I would totally recommend this luxury SUV.  Schedule a test drive and see for yourself!  I was sad that we had to return it.  I love the SanteFe XL.  

Have you gotten back into the back to school groove? #MomTrust

Thursday, September 11, 2014

photo courtesy of hamara.org.uk

Well it's been two weeks now.  Do I have my Back to School groove back? For some reason I have Madonna's "Get into the Groove" playing in my mind and while in the song she is waiting for dance to inspire someone my back to school inspiration is websites for packing lunches and finding apps to get me organized for this school year.

I have been browsing some amazing bento box sites, whole food sites and everything in between for lunch time inspiration.  I don't want to give my son a boring old sandwhich everyday and recently I heard from the lunch lady that my little turd threw his lunch out! Ouch to my culinary ego.  The nerve.  
So I've switched it up and have started to bake and make more real food for him.  From chicken fingers to Madelaines for snacks to crepes with apples and fresh fruit galore.  Oh..and fresh mini pizza's.  So far no more lunch being tossed in the bin.  I guess he doesn't like my ham and cheese wraps.  Sometimes you gotta think outside the basic bologne sandwich.  Bento boxes are fabulous as you can put an array of your child's favourite foods.  My son know's my motto.  "A well fed tummy is a well fed brain" and with bento box style lunches he is bound to find something to eat that he'll like.  From snack time to lunch his body will be fuelled and hopefully not behave like a spaz in his class.  If my son doesn't eat he loses focus.  Does that happen to your child?

Some great books to get for lunching that are some of my favourites are, Cook School(why not get your kiddo to help out if she/he is old enough),  Vegetarian Cooking for Kids:
French Kids Eat Everything and Getting to Yum.

 Getting organized.  As a stay at home mom and blogger I have campaigns to work on, PR events to go to and oh yes...my wonderful 3 kids. The twins keep me on my toes and I forget things a lot as they pull me away from getting my work done or in the midst of responding to emails.
So I need help meal planning, remembering birthday parties(not my kids-all their friends, gasp!), school meetings and getting from point A to point B and yes-so much more.  In a nutshell come see my post here on Back to School Apps.  Or better yet...Come watch my segment on CanadaAM as I chat with Ben Mulroney.   So am I back in the groove? I think I am getting there.  As long as I have coffee and some sleep and the internet to find great recipes and things to make life a little easier.  I am game.  Game on folks.

Have you gotten back into the groove? How's lunch going for you? How's bedtime?  I love that we are back into routine. Kids in bed by 7-8pm the latest and I can put my feet up and relax with a glass of mommy grape juice and Friday Night Lights.

Disclosure: I am part of the MomTrust campaign with Playtex. All opinions are my own.

Explore Ontario's Greenbelt! #ONGreenbelt

" Ontario’s Greenbelt is almost 2 million acres of protected land. It extends as far north as Tobermory and stretches 325 kilometres from Rice Lake in Northumberland County to the Niagara River. The Greenbelt also wraps around the Greater Golden Horseshoe — the area that surrounds the western end of Lake Ontario. One of the fastest growing regions in North America, by 2031 the population of the Greater Golden Horseshoe is expected to increase to more than 11 million." Greenbelt.ca
I am deeply honoured to be a part of this amazing campaign with some other fabulous bloggers sharing with you the beauty of Ontario and it's Greenbelt.  Just looking through Greenbelts Facebook page it makes me a little emotional at the beauty this Province has and the amazing food that our fabulous farmers grow for you and me.
As the worlds largest Greenbelt(who knew that?!) there is plenty to see and do. The Greenbelt is home to Canada's largest network of hiking trails, containing more than 10,000 km of trails for you to explore and stay tuned for pics on that because Fall is my favourite time of the year to go for a hike and I can't wait to get the family packed for a road trip!

What's there to do when it comes to our Greenbelt?

Eat local - pick a farm! Get your groceries done in a road trip and tast real yummy food.  You know the kind like you ate when you were kid and fruit/veg that actually has flavour!  Or get fresh milk, farm fresh eggs, grass fed beef.  Get to know your farmer and bring home quality farm fresh food. Taste the difference!  Check out the Glocal farms for ethnic cooking.
Bolton venders: Photo courtesy of Greenbeltfresh.ca

Tour Niagara: Hello wine country!   We know we make awesome wine but there is also a lot to see here and cyclists rejoice as they enjoy the scenery in beautiful Niagara.
photo courtesy of NiagarGreenbelt

Explore the Greenbelt: Go take a hike ;)  What better way to get the kids out, teach them about nature, explore the change of seasons.  Go bird watching! Unplug. Keep the phone in the car and tune out and get back into nature and reground yourself in the beauty of our hiking trails.  You're going to feel so much better.
photo courtesy of GreenMomCollectives

Find a Ravine:  I am very  lucky that I live right across from a ravine.  I love taking the kids down and it feels like a forest in the middle of the city.  In fact..Help recognize that the Ravines need to be added to the Greenbelt.  Sign here to let Toronto council know!

So get a breath of fresh air and explore Ontario with me in this series that will run until Oct.22/14.

Visit my fellow #ONGreenbelt Bloggers!  Let me introduce you.
GreenMom Collectives
Cubits Organics

Let's Party!

Do you like to eat locally grown produce? How about a fresh-water supply, a protected green space? Do you want a strong Ontario with a vibrant economy? Raise your voice now to ensure we create the Ontario today that we all want for the future.  RSVP here.

September: Back to Basics with the #StreamTeam via @Netflix_CA

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

As your little ones get ready for another year of pencils and books, it’s a good time for kids starting or returning to school to brush up on some basic skills. While the summer months are fun, it can be hard for kids to get back in the swing of things come September. That’s why this month Netflix has selected titles to help your kids get their thinking caps back in gear! For younger kids, back to school ABCs and 123s can be daunting, so they’ve selected titles focused on reading and math. For bigger kids it’s often social skills that become a source of anxiety; acceptance and doing the right thing, and other life lessons are important for kids finding their way in the world. Titles like Glee will help reinforce the building blocks of self-esteem and social skills. Now let’s get learning!

For the big kids:  My son's favourite movie is Lorax and of course Turbo!
1. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
3. Glee
4. Radio
5. The Pursuit of Happyness
6. The Karate Kid

7. Turbo
8. Shrek

For the little kids:  My son gives Monster Math Squad two thumbs up!

  1. Thomas & Friends: Thomas & His Friends Help Out
  2. Monster Math Squad
  3. Curious George
  4. Super Why!
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  6. Signing Time
  7. Animal ABCs
  8. LeapFrog: Numbers Ahoy
Do you like to do crafts? Check out this fabulous craft idea and snack idea brought to you by Netflix Canada.Pencil It In
A fun, durable pencil case is the perfect way to inspire your kid to get into the creativity of learning. Click here to learn how to make your own.
Cream Cheese and Veggie Sandwich
Since most kids can’t take PB&J to school anymore (which is so passé anyway) we thought we would share an easy, healthy sandwich that your kids can take to school instead. Click here to learn how to make your own.  

Lets here from you! Tell us how you have enjoyed these Netflix titles with your family.  What have you viewed lately?

link within

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