Aromatherapy and Breast Feeding-Massage

Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay.  Something for Mom. Charles is napping, going on 2 1/2 hours now.  I have lavender burning on his diffuser.

Aromatherapy is a lovely alternative therapy and I miss practicing it the way I was taught by the wonderful Patricia Miller who is the fairy godmother of aromatherapy.  She was the first to practice aromatherapy and open up shop in Forest Hill, many moons ago.  She's a Yorkshire woman.  Tough indeed and I miss her shop.

Aromatherapy and breastfeeding go so beautifully together if you want to increase your milk supply or decrease your milk supply.
If you'd like to promote milk flow fennel and caraway are used, however to diminish milk production sage and peppermint is used.  Some argue that these herbs have to be taken internally in order to work and some don't argue the effects of aromatherapy.  Inhalation of the oils and massage do wonders for the body as well a tisane of the herbs mentioned above.

I have used aromatherapy from the first moment I found out I was pregnant by inhaling the sweet citrus essence of bergamot.  Bergamot will settle your nausea and migraine which can come along with pregnancy.  I also had the aroma of lavender in my labour and delivery room to balance my equilibrium and a delicate sachet of lavender flowers next to Charles bassinet. I'm sure the nurses thought I was I kook.  But so be it.

Here's a massage you can do once or twice a day.
Cupping the breast with one hand and massaging the other with a light base oil such as calendula or this by zoe organics

Begin stroking very gently with your thumb or fingertips from the periphery down to the edge of the areola. Just make sure your nipple is clean after massage.  Increase your fluids , drink herbal tisanes as well to promote your flow of milk, and eat!  When breastfeeding watching calories do not mesh.
Lunar Eclipse makes a wonderful tea for mom and baby, the herbs used in this tea blend promote lactation whilst the herbs also reduce colic in baby.


Anonymous said...

I love lavender! At bedtime I place a lavender sachet in my daughter's bed and that helps her sleep. I'll pick up a diffuser - thanks for the tip reminder!

If you're looking for lavender products, Vintage Gardener located in the Distillery, carries sachets, lavender bunches and Bleu Lavande, [url][/url] a montreal based company, growers and makers of lavender products.

Mama Ash said...

I love lavender and I know the shop you're speaking of. I bought a beautiful potted Lemon Verbena there. I plan on being in the Distillery in March and I'll be sure to pick some Lavender up. Thank you!
As well, I'll most definitely check out

Lavinia Brown said...

Hi Mama Ash! I've been given some aromatherapy oil to use on my lower abdomen and back to help with a recurrent infection that I've had since my baby was born just over three months ago. It's got Fennel, Tea Tree and Bergamot in Apricot oil. Is this ok to use if I'm still breastfeeding?? Thanks for your tips!

Mama Ash said...

You're applying it to your lower abdomen which is fine, I wouldn't use it for breast massage and I wouldn't worry too much in regards to breast feeding.
The tea tree(which is an oxide) is the only slight contra-indication that I don't like in your product it can be used as an expectorant. But it's usually used for it's antiviral action. I highly doubt the flavor of the essences will be in the breastmilk...but you can always try it yourself! LOL!
If it was given to you by someone who knows your breastfeeding like your aromatherapist or midwife(if you had one) I'm sure they would of taken it into consideration when making the preparation. Is it a "homemade" tincture or commercial?
I hope this helps.
I hope you heal quickly! Good luck.

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