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Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you are vegetarian this is not for you!
Beretta Farms is a local, Ontario family run farm that produces the most glorious meat available.  They are located just outside of King City and their farm covers over 800 acres of land where whole grains, vegetables and greenhouse greens are grown.
Beretta Farms grow their animals and feed according to strict organic standards and are certified by the Organic Crop Producers and Processors OCPP.
Beretta Organic Farms not only grows the meat and produce, but does the processing as well. They do all their own cutting and wrapping, smoking, sausage making. This makes them truly accountable for the product from farm to table.
Their pigs are not confined to concrete floors or in a controlled environment to maximize growth they are raised to roll around and roam as they like.  Happy pig, happy meat, if you're a foodie like me you'll taste the difference.
One of the reasons I love local farmers and it's produce is because of the care that is put into the animal before it makes it's way to our table. I rarely ever buy big commercial name brands ...I picture those poor animals injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and caged up, sad pathetic meat where an animal cannot roam freely and be amongst their herds the way they were meant to be.   I do not want to eat that meat nor do I want my son or husband to eat that meat. 
I found this interesting that if an animal at Beretta farms becomes sick enough to require an injection it is no longer sold as certified organic beef, but is instead taken to the local stockyards.
I was graciously given some beautiful products from Beretta Organics and tonight's dinner of shear delight is their Organic Gluten free Pork Honey Garlic Sausages, I think I'll do a side of mash potatoes and some creamed spinach.
What is organic and how is it regulated?  You can easily find out by going to there site.
I'm looking forward to putting an order through for some hen bones(for soup) and smoked chicken, whole chicken,chicken breast and double smoked bacon...are you kidding me how heavenly..again if you're a vegetarian why are reading this! Beretta Farms has tonnes more to offer as I have just listed a few.  I wonder if they deliver farm fresh eggs?  How yummy for my family!  Please go to their link and place and order today and tell them Mama Ash sent you or ask your local grocer to carry this fine, local organic produce.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to add lots of organic garlic to the mashed potatoes. Papa Ash loves them that way!

Mama Ash said...

You are funny! I will tell Papa Ash;)

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