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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

 evymama breastfeeding & maternity boutique
266 Jane Street
Toronto, ON M6S 3Z2
(416) 913-0546
I wish I new of this store when Charlie was born and when I was pregnant. 
This store has beautiful maternity wear and when I was a hard core nurser I could barely find decent nursing tops let alone stylish ones that would have helped.
Designer maternity jeans?  Hello!  They have 'em, nursing dresses that are made of the most comfortable fabrics, great t-shirts and blouses, professional maternity clothing as well so you are the hip, stylish mama to be in the office, I could go on and on.  The ladies that work at evymama are extremely helpful and friendly.

So moms, got buy yourself a little something and don't feel guilty, they also have great carriers and mom and baby products, such as a special C-Section oil and perineum spray to help you heal quickly and soothingly.  I got my Toddler Hawk there.
They are located on Jane Street just North of Bloor so since you're in Ukrainian town, go buy some perogies and kolbassa.  Just tell hubby you're going grocery shopping and you found this great maternity breast feeding boutique and you had to go in....even though it's a little off the beaten path but you have perogies and kolbassa for him!


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