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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally a great shoe store for our children.  Compared to the huge selection of quality kids shoe stores in the States  I was thrilled to come across a  Canadian store called Olly Shoes and it's in my city.
The staff there are so helpful and humble.  There's toys for your kids to play with while you're looking around and I knew I made a mistake letting Charlie run free in the store after his feet were properly measured.  He's 15 months and his feet are 7D(he's got wide feet thanks to his dad) He loves trucks and he had all the trucks with him as he was doing his little dance and the happiness on his face to run free after being strapped in the stroller was priceless.  Putting him back in the stroller was a minor disaster(that's why it's a mistake taking him out of the stroller) but he got over it once I gave him some peas to snack on.
Olly carries quality brand names such as Geox, New Balance, Pedi Pied, ecco, umi and these are just the few of the many brands.
Yes our kids grow fast but foot health is important and it's worth to pay the extra dollars so baby's feet grow normal & healthy.  Feet are our foundation and if feet aren't taken care of imagine the back issues that could arise such as poor posture caused by unnatural foot positioning in poorly designed shoes.  So go to Olly and tell them Mama Ash sent you!  It's a great shoe store with knowledgeable staff that are there to help you find the perfect fit and the right shoe for your child.

Here's a great article on preventing foot troubles for your baby, read here 

For wool booties check this out, if you read the above article you'll know, During the first year of life, wool booties are the best type of footwear:
as well read about Padraig slippers here
So if you can buy quality do so and if price is a factor check out gently used kids stores such as OnceUpon a Child and know your brands walking in.


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