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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are you ready for cuteness?
In the mail from Analia I received this ever so hip stylin' tshirt for Master Charles.
It comes in different tie styles so there's more to choose from,  mine is a size L and they are made from 100% organic cotton(you know I love that!) and it's a snugger fit so keep that in mind when buying.
I love this shirt and I think Analia makes great accessories for your baby. The cutest hair accessories for your little girl, crocheted beanies and much more.  Just in time for Valentines!
*As a special offer for all my Followers of EverythingMomandBaby, she is extending her generosity and is offering 20% off on all Analia merchandise!  Say you it on the EMB blog to get the discount.
If you're not a follower and want the discount....well, it's easy!  Become a follower for sweet deals!
EMB loves her mompreneurs and she definitely gets the EMB Approved!
Charlie just chillin' on his bean bag chair...I had to show you all this.

Note:  It is so fun seeing Charlie in this, it's been a couple of hours since I posted this and I gotta tell you, this is one of my favorite shirts for my monkers.
The retro style of the tie is just too funny and cute for words.
He's quite the poser...why he's not in commercials I do not know?!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to become a follower and I'd like to take advantage of the 20 per cent discount from Analia. How do I go about this. Thank you kindly.

Mama Ash said...

Hi There!

Just go to the right and scroll down. You'll see a heading that says Like my Blog? Follow!
Click on the Google Follow button and that's it. I think you have to enter your email address and you can make up a name.
Thanks so much.
Analia has great stuff and make sure you tell her you saw it EMB :)

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