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Friday, March 12, 2010

I love Applesnax.  
Another favorite of mine I wanted to share with you.
I don't know about you but I hate, I mean hate peeling and coring an apple.  I don't know why but it's the same amount of hate I have for ironing. Yet I have no problem peeling a potato.
I came across Applesnax a while ago and I've been using them exclusively ever since.
I buy the Unsweetened Organic Applesauce that comes in the perfect size of 113g. They are perfect for on the go with you & sweet babe.  I'll also bring a Baby Cube with me that has Healthy Times Cereal and mix in with the applesauce.  When we need a snack we're ready and Charles is nicely full after a healthy snack.  Also this great for baby's first foods, it has been my savior when Charlie is being picky, I just add applesauce and then he eats.  He's even fussier when teething and applesauce has come to the rescue to fill his belly.
What else I love about them, the packaging is fantastic, sometimes the Baby Cubes can leak so I use them more for dry cereals and such.  The plastic that the applesauce come in are BPA free.  So I'm happy about that and when I called them to find out, Leahy Orhards replied to me within 48hrs.  I probably wouldn't have continued of buying them if it weren't.  I'd get over my lack of love for peeling apples.  The Unsweetened Applesauce is so tasty, it is beautiful and full of flavour and Canadian. So when you see them, pick them up. You won't be disappointed.   
*Currently only the Applesauce is organic.
I've seen them at Sobeys($2.99), WholeFoods($3.99) & Evergreen Naturals($2.99)
Applesauce Muffins recipe, click here


I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by from FF.
Have a great day!


Sarah Lewis said...

Following from MBC! Great blog, glad I found ya!

Mama Ash said...

They are coming out with a Peaches Organic! Oh happy happy joy joy!

Nomad said...

I had my 9 month old baby taste the Applesauce with small fruits and she loved it. Is it safe to give her? She will be 10 months in few days.
The package I'm talking about is the one in the plastic cups as shown in the bottom picture of the article.

Mama Ash said...

What are you worried about? Just wondering so maybe I can answer this better.
I've only used the Applesauce and sugarless kind, which might be a better option for you because of baby's teeth.

Nomad said...

That sound good, that is the same we used. I was just worry about all these things about allergies and so on.. All these saying about what a baby can eat and cannot... Thanks for the help, will keep giving her as she really likes them.

Mama Ash said...

As far as fruits, I know strawberries and tomatoes are "no no" but I gave it to my son when he was an infant around 10 months and he was fine.
I just got a great book to review and I'll be doing a giveaway, check it out:
The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett.
Also "Sprout Right" is a must have by Lianne Phillipson-Webb.
Google both books :)

link within

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