Puree of the Day for Baby: Blueberries N' Applesauce

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blueberries N'Applesauce (6+ months)
1/2 cup of organic blueberries
6 corred, peeled & chopped organic apples
2-3tbsp of Organic Brown rice cereal or any other type of grain you use

Steam apples first for about 7 minutes then add fresh or frozen blueberries and steam for another 3min if using fresh and 5 min if you using frozen.  Check for doneness with a fork for apples, should be soft and slightly mushy same for the blueberries.
Transfer to blender or your Magic Bullet(that's what I use) and puree to desired consistency for baby. Freeze the rest!
* Or buy unsweetened organic applesauce, always keep a jar handy and add the blueberries.
* experiment, blueberries and banana is yummy, throw in some avocado too.


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