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Sunday, April 18, 2010

 With Earth Day around the corner I thought I'd share with you some of the greener choices we've made in our household.  We cloth diaper, we use eco-conscious cleaning products,we use reusable organic sandwich bags from Graze and we have our own water filtration unit so we don't have to contribute to the loads of plastics in land fills and we walk everywhere and use public transit.

Am I crazy to have this? No.
Do I want to give my family the best water? Yes.
Do I hate bottled water and the plastic it comes in? YES!
When the transition came to include water into Charlies diet I was researching different water filtering companies and I almost went with Mountain Valley Spring Water which is a wonderful company as they offer glass filtered water units.

With all the hoopla about BPA I was considering my options and tap water for me is fine but I wanted something better for my son so my mom got me this Santevia water system she bought it in Winnipeg at A1Nutrition in Grant Park Mall (204)475-7522. We have the unit that's in the center of the picture, I'd love to get my hands on the stainless steel water bottles.  Another thing I like about this system is that water is at room temperature which is great for his tummy. I use it for cooking, my morning cup of joe and we save on buying bottled water when we go out I always have water with me and I trust the resource where it's coming from.
It is BPA free, "it has revolutionized tap water, creating pure, fresh tasting water that is healthier for you and more cost effective than bottled water. Using an eight stage filtration and re-mineralization system, the Santevia™ Water System cleans, mineralizes and invigorates your water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline."

There is a difference when you taste this water compared to regular tap water. 
Here's a quote from one of their customers: "So I had the alkaline level tested of my regular tap water, before and after it was filtered. The results... The Santevia™ water filter changed my tap water from being an unhealthy, acidic 6.5 to a healthy, alkaline of 8.0" 

It has an 8 Stage water filtration process with a magnetic spout.  The process uses a patented five-layer toxin removal and sterilization system shown to produce water that is contaminant free. Its ceramic pre-filter has a pore size blocks  bacteria, germs, parasites and particulates, it adjusts your water's pH(as mentioned above) to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation, helping your body balance it's acid/alkaline levels.

We were spoiled when we got this and it's really not that crazy expensive, it can retail for $199.99 and you need to change the filter every 6 months and the cost of the filter was $32.99, not bad considering what beautiful tasting, alkalized healthy water we have to replenish the body.

*Disclaimer: Santevia has nothing to do with Everything Mom and Baby when this blog post was writter.  This product was purchased.
 This is my honest opinion that I wanted to share with you, it is not influenced in any way and  it's to give you an idea on healthy choices you can consider for you and your family. 


Mommy Reporter said...

Thanks for your review on this. We are considering buying one and I think you provided some really good info. Right now, we get bottled water delivered to our home, but I am like you, I want to cut down on the use of plastics. Even with the $33 filter for this every six months, it's still cheaper than buying bottled. Thanks!!

annette said...

Do you still like your Santevia? I wish I could afford their ceramic version but at $500 its not affordable. Trying to avoid plastics although they say theirs is safe #5. Been buying bottled water at drinkmorewater stores but just realized they use $7 plastic which is not good :( We are on a well and if I get a good filtering system should be fine, so do you feel safe with this #5 plastic?

Mama Ash said...

Yes I do and their system is BPA free so with the plastic that was a big issue for me.
Ceramic would be nice but I'm very happy with my counter unit (the one pictured in the middle)

Far Coded (~ FredPC ~ the PDA Junkie!) said...

If you are still looking for steel water bottles (or other BPA free alternatives) check out the selection available at Mountain Equipment Co-op (yes there is one in Winnipeg - right across the street from the MTS Centre).

Here's a selection of steel bottles:

But don't miss this product: "FooGo Leak-Proof Sippy Cup"


nitetraitor said...

I am considering the santevia system. The container clearly looks like it's made from polycarbonate, which, when in contact with water, leeches BPA into the water. So how is this BPA free? I searched the santevia website not able to find an answer.
Thank you.

Mama Ash said...

Hi nitertraitor,

Considering I don't make Santevia nor have anything to do with them, I can't truly answer your question. So I have emailed them your comment and am waiting for their response :)

Once I hear from Santevia I will post here, so I hope you'll be able to check back.
If you're in a rush, there is a ph # where you can call and find out if it is in fact made of polycarbonate.

Mama Ash said...


I found this on their site and no they do not use Polycarbonate.

Anonymous said...

my Herbalist, who has just about brought me back
from death's door from lung and other infections advised that unfortunately, natural minerals found in fresh water are drawn from the earth, whereas remineralized water provides minerals that are not the 'same' as the natural ones, and she has had many clients who had to have their liver detoxified from these water systems which reintroduce minerals after cleansing the water. You may just wish to check on this as one would hate to think they are helping themselve and actually causing long term damage. reverse osmosis is good, but the mineralization is not so good.

Anonymous said...

if anyone tries to sell you on alkalinized water, or machines that make it, just say no! We need the intermediary of the plant, etc. to get our minerals. So just stick with your spring or artesian or reverse osmosis water. We know some of us can also tolerate city water, but in the long run it's not desirable to take in fluorine, chlorine, ortho-phosphates, etc. Members of the chlorine family are well known carcinogens, and fluorine is a cheap attempt to foist industrial waste on an unsuspecting public. We can get real fluorine in our diets if we use good foods and supplements (eat some seaweed). Also please avoid distilled water. It is dead, fish can't live in it.

Scott said...

Great system for sure. But an even better one is the Berkey Water Purifier which can purify any freshwater source, even stagnant pond water. Plus they are made of stainless steel and filters last 7-10 years.

Feel the flow...

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