FYI-Pampers Dry Max is under some hot water

Thursday, May 6, 2010

 May.5, 2010: OTTAWA - Health Canada has recently received two complaints of rashes that may have resulted from the use of Pampers Dry Max Diapers. Health Canada officials immediately contacted Procter and Gamble to follow up, and the investigation is now ongoing. Health Canada is also aware of the ongoing investigation in the United States, and is working cooperatively with US officials. Health Canada will post additional information as soon as it is available.
Moms, there are way better disposable diapers out there other than Pampers.  Prices are comparable to the other brands I am mentioning too. Wholefoods, your natural health/food market probably has them as well.
Check out Delora, they are excellent,  Earths Best is very good too and Presidents Choice Green Diapers are good(Canadian grocer brand).  Chlorine free, latex free, they use a wood pulp that absorbs baby's messes this just to name a couple of things that these brands have to offer.
At least Huggies has an organic range but I think they still use chemical gels for absorbing baby's messes, so they can't really be labeled organic?  Can they?
I found Seventh Generation to leak a lot and fit smaller, so they aren't my favortite.
Think of those chemicals next to your baby's bits and your poor baby suffers in the end with rashes.
Cloth diapers are gentle on baby and the environment, to learn more about disposables/cloths read here
To read more on just some the chemicals used in disposables, read here,  for the CBC news on this topic, read here

* Weleda Calendula Oil- Read more here
* To treat baby's diaper rash and as claimed burns and blisters please read this, here to help treat and protect baby's tush.
* More brands on diapers and brands I love( I am not endorsed by any, these were all bought/used by me) read here 

*As of May.7, there has been an update from Health Canada, read here and file your claim
*For Americans you can file your report here


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I read all the info out there on going green, organic and potential health hazards for my baby, it begins to seem like the whole world is a dangerous place and so is every single item we purchase or consume. Honestly, it's overwhelming and oreys on our sense of guilt and fear I think. The bombardment of "issues" also makes me feel like a bad mom because I don't check out the label minutely on every single thing and with some things, like diapers, I make the choice to stay with a brand that has given my baby no ill effects whatsoever and is up for investigation but NOT RECALLED and it's not every Pampers diaper either. More fear mongering by the media. Sometimes I think fear is a dangerous thing and it's important to make sure we do our own research and get correct uptodate information and make our own decisions based on what works for us and the real facts and not fear, pleasing others or making the "popular' or "fashionable" choice. A few years ago, breastfeeding wasn't popular and people looked at you askance if you did it and now if you have to bottle feed for whatever reason, others (especially breastfeeding mamas) look at you and talk to you like you are a selfish beast who is poisoning your child. Often these judgements are made without even knowing any facts or if perhaps there's pumped breast milk in that bottle.? Anyways, all I'm saying is that raising a baby is hard and we all do our best to make the right choices but sometimes those choices are not right for everyone and just like every baby is different, so is every mom.

Anonymous said...

if you are interested, there is a class action being filed. i reccomend contacting the office. I found them super friendly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please read back your last sentence. Now read it again. And again please. Do you realize you became the very type of person you are accusing this blogger of being? Let me break it down even further for you...quoting your post

"we all do our best to make the right choices but sometimes those choices are not right for everyone and just like every baby is different, so is every mom."

If you know this then why can this blogger not have her own opinion expressed in her own blog? If its not a topic you agree with or way of lifestyle you agree with then simply don't read it. And definitely don't waste the time posting your rude comments. After all, in your own words, "sometimes those choices are not right for everyone and just like every baby is different, so is every mom."

Do you need it pointed out as well that nowhere in the blog does she say that her opinion is for everyone? No! She simply puts out some information that may or may not be useful knowledge to other readers who are actually interested this type of lifestyle & in what this blog does offer. You are obviously not one of those mom's that fit into either of these category so please find a blog more suiting to your own lifestyle/ interest- it may bring you more fulfillment than posting such negativity here. Thank you!

Iain said...

I would guess a lot more than 2 complaints now, I filed a complaint on Monday morning with an answer machine. They called me back in the afternoon and took down all my details. They did sound concerned!

Anonymous said...

I've yet to have an issue with pampers but none of mine have been dry max it has my very concerned with all that has happened to other babies i do hope they figure out what is causing the issue i personaly love the old pampers which i am still able to buy using another brand is not feasable since she breakes out and getting cloth diapers is outta the question i have to haul water so its more expensive then disposibles

Maxwell Designs said...

If you believe you have something valuable to say - leave your name and do not comment as Anonymous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you want your voice to be heard, have the confidence in your convictions to leave your name or identity. Its only fair to the blogger.

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