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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After a lovely morning meet up with a friend of mine, on my way home I came across a hidden gem on Vaughan Road.
A wonderful store called ecoexistence.  It had Mama Ash written all over it and I couldn't just walk by and not go in?
Kym Klopp owner of the boutique gave me a warm welcome as Charlie and I explored the many eco products her store has to offer.  From Organic bedding, to eco cookware to kids clothing and lunch gear where was I to begin and what was I to buy? 

I love blankets and when I came across lulujo's organic muslin childhood blanket I knew this would be Charlies favorite "blankie" for the stroller and for home.  I want to wrap myself in it, it is so soft and baby wonderful.  It's made of 3 layers organic muslin and the other side is a super comfy organic cotton jersey.  Measures 37"x 37".  Seriously moms, with first touch I was in love( I appreciate quality fabrics, the "designer" in me, I moved to Toronto with hopes of a career in fashion but never furthered it).  It is so comfy and beautiful a treat worth buying to last for many comforting years to come.
Then I wondered around some more and came to the section of food storage and found a great selection for kids lunch bags and boxes.
I think my fave out of the many brands was Kids Konserve. 
It comes with a reusable, waste-free lunch kit.   Included is recycled cotton sack, cloth napkin, 304 food-grade stainless steel beverage bottle, food kozy and two 304 food-grade stainless steel food containers. Lunch Sack is 7" W x 10.5" T x 4.5"
Other great brands at ecoexistence are Laptop Lunches, Lunch Bots and Takeout Without and Untangled Living
Now on the other side of the store I have come across the clothing area and what beatiful styles and quality.  The cutest softest cottons by Sprout from the States and GreenBaby, a fantastic organic line from Jolly 'Ol England.
Organic onesies, handmade toys, bottles and teethers, she sells my fave from Life Factory!!!!  Here shop is awesome and I'm glad I came across it.
It has everything you could possibly want for greener, eco, organic living.

Stop by ecoexistence and say hello to Kym, you're bound to find something you need!
21 Vaughan Road, Unit 103, Toronto,ON
Just South of St.Clair West and West of Bathurst Street.


kym said...

Thanks Mama Ash! It was so nice to meet you and Charlie:)I love when I meet Mom's who share my passion for safe products esp. for the little ones. Thanks also for the great tips, I have already started looking into them. Kym

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