Pickles The Pig DIY Diaper Wipe Kit: Review and GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was really intrigued and excited when Pickles contacted me about their new product The Do It Yourself Diaper Wipe Kit.
Since I cloth diaper most of the time it only made sense to have a DIY wipe kit, right?!
People, once you have this kit you will NEVER go back to buying wipes.
The kit consists of a custom wipes container, starter roll of wipes & wipe solution(which is soap).
The nice thing about this is that I can use whatever ingredients I like.
I used Live Clean Baby Bubble Bath( free of a parabens, SLS/Sulfate free & organic), for a soothing oil I used my precious liquid gold(no I don't mean breast milk) but Calendula Oil from Weleda.  Great to soothe a fiery teething derriere and it protects the delicate skin.
What's the ingredients in your brand name/no name brand?  Go take a look.
How economical is this wiping system?  Well once you buy the kit or if your lucky you may win this kit the dollars will add up in savings.  It also feels good to be making your own wipes, very eco and smart.  No laundry needed, just toss the wipes in the garbage or flush; if you buy ones like Kushies. You can also personalise the moisture level of the wipe for a toddler poop (needs more moisture) or a newborn poop, which you will remember, needs more grabbing power than a super wet wipe.
The directions are super easy.  Warm up a cup of water add your soap and oil, pour it into the wipes container with  the wipes in it.  Once the cardboard roll(like a paper towel roll) is soggy remove it. Voila you have your own wipes, remove the center and begin once it's at room temperature.  All you need to maintain the kit is good quality paper towel.  I even used Kushies cloth diaper flushable liner since it looks like a heavy duty toilet paper roll and it's great!  Mine stays great for a about a week and a half and then I'm done and it's time for a new roll to make.  It is a godsend, yes strong words for a DIY wipe kit but why bother with anything else?  Seriously my lovely readers it's that great and very frugal too.
What do you think?  Wanna try it?  Here's the giveaway!

Can't wait until the giveaway ends to try this FANTASTIC kit?  If you go to Pickles the Pig Website you can purchase this kit for an amazing price of $8 CDN,  it retails for $16 in the stores and they do ship to the States as well.  Just email info@picklesthepig.ca and tell them you saw it on Everything Mom and Baby and you want it for $8!

Everything Mom and Baby is giving away a :
DIY Diaper Wipe Kit !
Thank you Pickles the Pig for sponsoring this giveaway
This giveaway that Pickles the Pig is sponsoring is open to all Canadian & American Residents

  • Must be or become a Follower of Everything Mom and Baby.  Follow via Google Friend Connect.  I will contact you through GFC if you have won
  • Go to Pickles the Pig's website and tell us what else you like from their site here
  • Join Pickles the Pig on their new Facebook page and tell them you heard about them on Everything Mom and Baby, click here
Optional Extra Entries(value 1 extra entry):
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  • Tweet the giveaway by pasting this: @MamaAsh77 is giving away a DIY Diaper Wipe Kit, ends 6/23/10, enter here  http://goo.gl/fb/UEbXs #giveaway #clothdiapers #frugal #eco
  • Leave me a comment here and let me know what you've done to enter.  This is a great product you will never go back to buying ready made wipes.  Trust me.
  • Good Luck!  


Sarah Hull said...

- I am a Follower of Everything Mom and Baby via Google Friend Connect.
- I LOVE the The Hedgehogs soother clip!
- I joined Pickles the Pig on their new Facebook page and told them that I heard about them on Everything Mom and Baby!
- I blogged about this giveaway: http://thelittlehedgehog.blogspot.com/2010/06/everything-mom-and-baby-is-having.html
- I joined Mama Ash on Facebook (ID name: Sarah Hull)
- I tweeted: http://twitter.com/trvlgrl121/statuses/16588123214

SHull2319 at gmail dot com

The Woman of the House said...

What a great idea! I'm following you via GFC but unfortunately, I don't have Facebook (seriously. I'm one of five people who don't).

I really like the "danger dude" pacifier clip from Pickles the Pig!

link within

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