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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One of the great things when you become a mom is you meet other moms and you begin to build friendships and this Mom is a great lady that I am happy to call my friend. 
She writes (and she is legit writer unlike myself) on her own blog Little Green 1
Since my blog is pretty much product related she wrote this, just for Everything Mom and Baby.
Visit her blog when your done, you will end up reading everything and you will end up liking her as much as I do.  Thanks Julie for contributing!
"A Leap of Faith" by Julie M Green (aka Little Green Mom)
Those of you who aren't strangers to my blog, Little Green One, know of my ongoing love affair with all things LeapFrog.  So when the chance arose to be a guest on EMB, I grabbed it with both (webbed) hands.  Then I fretted about what little ole me could contribute to a site led by The Shopping Guru (aka Mama Ash). So it seems only fitting that I pontificate about my all-time favourite brand, even though they aren't paying me (though they damn well should be) for yet again singing their praises in the public forum.
Those of you who aren't strangers to Little Green One will also know that I'm possibly the tightest of the tightwad mommies around.  While the love I have for my son is priceless, the budget I allocate to his toys is decidedly shoestring.  Not to say that I compromise on quality; I don't.  The inventory of LeapFrog products in the Green household is currently as follows:
- karaoke machine
- drum (both english and french versions)
- radio (both english and french versions)
- phonics pond
- maracas
- counting pal caterpillar
- dj/exersaucer (now sold)
- house thingamy
Not only are the toys indestructible (trust me on this one, Little Green One should be on a test panel), they are guaranteed to launch your tot into full-blown geekdom (trust me on this one, too).  A short while ago he was barely uttering 'mama' and 'dada'.  A couple months back his pediatrician was moderately concerned at my son's lack of vernacular, which in turn made me hyperventilate.  In that split second in the doctor's office I had visions of my son sporting the white dunce cap fashioned by members of the KKK, and confined to the corner of the classroom and later, to the deep fryer at McWherever.  I saw in that split second in the doctor's office I witnessed my son's fries-with-that future, and reader, I shuddered.
Those of you who aren't strangers to Little Green One know of my propensity to overreact and of my great fondness for the hyperbole.  In this case I need not have jumped the gun.  All he needed was a little help from his LeapFrog friends.  Cue a few weeks later:  my 20-month-old Rain Man can not only recite the entire alphabet (mostly in order), he is an avid 'counter'.  Indoors, he counts stairs.  Outdoors, he reads house numbers and licence plates.  Now I'm seriously beginning to worry.  I was all set for my son to become a capital L loser -- now I have to accept that he's well on his way to becoming a capital N nerd.  And frankly, I'm not sure which is worse.
Yes, right now we laugh because the compulsive counting is somewhat cute and somewhat funny.  But in time, when my son proclaims that calculus is a 'piece of cake', and when he makes a has-been out of that has-been Bill Gates, we'll only have LeapFrog to thank -- or blame.  (Did I mention that I tend to jump the gun?)  In the meantime, LeapFrog, if your PR peeps are reading this, I accept PayPal.

I'm curious to know what EMB readers think: what toys/products have been a godsend to your child's development? Any that you absolutely love/loathe?



Little Green Mom said...

Mama A, you're too sweet (and apologies for the typo!). I'm curious to know what EMB readers think: what toys/products have been a godsend to your child's development? Any that you absolutely love/loathe?

Bits and Pieces said...

We love magnetic lettering. They are so simple and inexpensive. Having 2 girls with learning delays/difficulties this was something that had been recommended to us. We kept them in a metal cookie tin and they could spell words on the inside of the lid.

We like the Leap Pad products as well. We have the pad, tag assortment of books and whatnot. V-tech also has some wonderful learning toys. Although one in particular would not sync with our dvd player. PITA!

Basically I've learned to keep it simple. Go back to the beginning.

Some of the ones I particular can't stand: that riding motorcyle/tv game combo. Anything that is particularly loud and distracting. A simple great work does wonders for the child's self esteem and developement. They do not need air sirens and laser beams for getting an answer right :)

little green mom said...

Couldn't agree more, Bits. I should get mine some of those magnetic letters and numbers. He's played with them elsewhere and is addicted. Also he has started saying himself 'great job' when he's done something (no such thing as modesty in an almost 2yo!)

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