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Sunday, August 8, 2010

 A new carrier has come to life, after much wait and anticipation I am happy to bring you my review of Beco Gemini which is down below . 
I am starting with the interview first so parents can better understand the functions of the Beco Gemini.

I had the pleasure to interview Gabby Caperon, creator of Beco and here's what she had to say to my questions:

1)There has been concerns with spine development when a baby is forward facing.  How has Beco maintained the safety of the baby's forming bones for this new carrier design?
Use the NARROW BASE for this position as it is more comfortable for you and the baby.While babies do enjoy the facing out position and the view of the world, it could be overwhelming after a while and babies may need to make eye contact with the caregiver. Some research also suggest, that FACING IN position is better for a proper spinal development and prolonged use of FACING OUT position is not recommended.

2)Why did Beco decide to go forward facing and although there are changes is it still ergonomically safe in all 3 positions with the modifications made of this carrier?
Single Piece Multi Position baby carrier intended for carrying babies from 7-35pds in the front, hip and back carrying positions.
Model Gemini is based on our previous hugely successful original product, 4th Generation model. Improvements consisting mainly of utilizing the possibility to carry child in front position with baby facing out of the caregiver were based on customer demand and feedback collected over the course of four years. 
The objection in product development was to create a product which would be very easy to use, as versatile as possible and to meet our high aesthetical and safety standard.
The resulting product does meet the objections, based on our pre-market testing.  We ave used simple materials such as organic cotton and as little hardware as possible in order to keep this product simple.
We decided to invest into organic materials because we do want to contribute our share for a healthier environment.  We do source our organic materials in India.  To further distinguish the look of our fabric we decided to have the fabric custom dyed in four colours- deep black, dark espresso, sand and lilac.  We do believe in innovation and want to offer a trendy choice to the customer.
The most obvious on the product is the possibility to change the width of the baby carrier at it's base.  This innovative factor does enable to carry very small.
Infants in the baby carrier in front carry position facing in and also enables for older babies with full head/neck control to be carried in facing out position.  Some baby's just won't enjoy and will down right refuse to be carried in facing in position and the option of facing out position does enable parent to be able  to bond with their baby.  Also to by widening or narrowing the base of the carrier, the caregiver can affect the way how the baby's weight is distributed.  The difference is quite significant.
Many parents do wish for the product to have the facing out position option not being fully aware of the advantages by facing in position, hip or back positions. 
We strongly believe that to offer a product which offers all of these positions will enable families to choose what is best for them.
3) How does this differ from a carrier like Pikkolo or Baby Bjorn and other forward facing carriers?
Size of the carrie, styling, fit, untilities/functions and price.

4) Why did Beco decide to remove the Infant insert/Y Panel?
We strongly believe in providing customers with as many options as possible and to make a choice which is best for their situation.
We offer Butterfly 2 baby carrier with removable infant insert for those customers who find the option to suit them well, but not all customers are the same.  Based on customer feedback we recognized there was a need for a slightly different type of a baby carrier thus Gemini was designed.  Gemini baby carrier may be easier and more intuitive to use for some customers, while others will prefer Butterfly 2 or some entirely different baby carrier offered on the market.
It is simply all about options offered to the customer.

5) What is the retailing price for the carrier and design options and release date?
MRSP $129 (US) $140 (CDN)                                          
AUGUST 1, 2010

Each baby carrier comes with:

  • Foldable head rest
  • Adjustable base for growing baby
  • Instructional booklet
Shell: 100% organic cotton
Fill: 100% polyester
Packaging: 100% recycled content, printed with soy based inks
Our experience with Beco Gemini has been nothing but positive, and I said "Our" because dear husband has never carried our son in a carrier and he tried the new Gemini.  When he came back from the store he said to me: "I have a new found respect for you, in carrying Chunkles." That made me smile. 
This is the Paige carrier with the headrest folded up, please see Beco's ad above with it folded down.
All the positions are easy to figure out, if you are against forward facing out position than do the simple hip carry, baby can see what's going on and you're still chest to chest.  It's weight is dispersed evenly and is still comfortable as the Butterfly II. 
Another feature I like is the minimal hardware, no buckles for baby's face to press against or teethe on. I like how the head rest comes with these little fixtures that can be adjusted loose or tight for a snuggly fit on a younger baby and no snaps required and it's nice to have that option when breast feeding to pull tighter or looser.

I carry my son on my back, he's 32 pounds. I personally don't do front facing out so on my back it is plus he's a tall toddler and I love feeling his heart against mine.
I am happy that Beco has listened to the requests of their loyal fans and I trust Beco's quality and craftsmanship that went into making this new carrier with the option of front facing out. It's simple.  It's another great product that has come from Beco.

Love this poll, Beco is clearly the winner against Ergo, view here 
as well here's what other moms have to say about carriers, view here 

Update:  I will say that this was written before I knew more about babywearing and about sizing.
My son is too big for the Gemini as I can see in these pictures. A wider panel would give better support for his legs.  When I had him in this a little while ago, he was hiking his legs up to get in the "M" position. He wasn't comfortable nor had the support. 
During this post review he's about 18 months in this.
Looking at my sons hips and legs in this and split position looks a little painful to me.
I will be writing a newer post on other carriers that offer better support as it is clear that my son was too big for the Beco Gemini.  ~ Everything Mom and Baby, May.8/12


Anonymous said...

I am very dissapointed in Beco. I feel they have really cheapened their image with this new product :(

Mama Ash said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why do you feel they cheapened their image, could you clarify please?
:) Mama Ash

Jose said...

I think it’s great that Beco made a front facing carrier to counter that lame Bjorn. The Gemini offers so much more than a FF position; the designed revolves around the 4th generation, a great carrier. I think people are focusing on the FF too much and forget the Gemini is FIRST a ergonomic carrier then a FF ( if the parent choose to use it), think about your child face at the zoo.
Good job Beco!

Pixie said...

Well stated Jose, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Tasha said...

My daughter loved the FF position, and I had a hard time finding a baby carrier that was both ergonomic, and offered this position. Now that the Beco Gemini is available, I want to have another baby!!

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