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Monday, August 16, 2010

I love eco products, the less chemicals the better especially when your pregnant & you have to be extremely carefull with what you use,  even in utero the amount of chemicals your exposed to and baby is scary.
Watch this video, it makes me cry every time to how toxic and sick the world is potentially becoming.

Bon Ami has been around for ages, 5 generations to be exact! 
They are making a comeback with cute, smart packaging with a reto feel to it.  I definitely am chanelling my inner Betty Draper from Mad Men(favorite show too!).  My favorite from them is the scentless dish soap called Free and Clear when washing my dear sons' sippy cups and bottles.
Even better here's a list of ingredients you can pronounce! They use recipes not formulas, a little elbow grease and your clean and free from harsh chemicals.

Another favorite of mine is a brand from Denmark called Eco Clean.
Eco Clean is made from plant and sugar surfactants and the fragrance from them is stunning.  Free of parabens, fully recyclable PET bottles, no phosphates, bleach, ammonia or petro chemicals.
It leaves a nice lingering scent when you are done washing dishes, washing your hands  with their handsoap or wiping away finger prints on glass...or for me it's wiping away my little Picasso's artwork from the walls.
The non toxic range is made from sugar beets a sustainable, renewable, biodegradable resource from the Danish farms on the island of Falster.  Eco Cleans non toxic range is child friendly because it minimizes the the exposure of vapors because of its foaming option nuzzle.  How cool and great is that?  Now send your children to do the chores with Eco Clean while you relax and continue to enjoy other articles on Everything Mom and Baby!  
At least you'll know they are using safe ingredients and your home will smell lovely. Learn more about Eco Clean here
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