Children's Trunk Show, Toronto,ON, Oct.1-2, 9:30am-4pm

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mark your calendars Toronto families!
Bring your kids, grandma gets in free, meet friends and make a day of it at next months Children's Trunk Show!  It's time to shop, shop, shop.  Here's their vendor list, with 11 new vendors and it's awesome!

Saturday sounds like a great time to go(I'll pop by on Friday because it'll be T.G.I.F for me) and I am sad that I have to work(oh to be in high demand!) on Saturdays because of all the great family weekend things to do, plus grandma's flying in from Winnipeg(YAY!) for Chunkles 2nd Birthday so we'll miss being Saturday...and on Saturday Brick Works has their infamous Farmers Market (from 8am-1pm) !
Just some of the coolest ways to get there, on Saturday starting at 9am and every half hour go to Chorley Park(in Rosedale) and have a guided "Indian Summer" walk through Toronto's beautiful ravine's.  Meet at the top of the path leading into Ravine(not stroller friendly because there's stairs but that's what baby carriers are for!)  It is a stunning walk as I did this last week and there is stairs going down which is how I learned that it's not stroller friendly.
 Massages will be given out by Sunny Mummy Spa on Saturday  from 11am-2pm
My favorite yummy mummy, Lilian Philipson-Webb of Sprout Right will be there on Friday and you seriously need to pick up her book, I hope she'll have it for sale as it is a must have for moms to be and moms all the way up to toddlerhood for great advice and recipes.

Alyson Schafer will also be there on Friday from 10am-2pm so have your questions ready!

Want tickets?  Pop over and join me on Facebook, first 4 to tell me they want a ticket on Facebook gets one!


C said...

Oh, man! It's reasons like this one that I *sometimes* miss living in Toronto!!!

P.S. How's it going, gorgeous Mama Ash? I just realized that both our little ones will be 2 soon! How did 2 years fly by so quickly?

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