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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ritmo Nuvo MP3 Advanced Sound System for Mom and Baby.  They are even working on bigger and better things like having loved ones do a voice recording.  How special for family who are in the military or who are far way and want to communicate with their loved ones!  Your husband may be over fighting a war or away on business but baby can hear his voice and sweet words of love.
I think a perfect gift for any expecting mommy.  I wish I knew about Ritmo before hand, here's our story.

This week we are pleased to introduce our readers to popular parenting blogger, Erica Ashmore, a.k.a. Mama Ash. Erica runs the site Everything Mom and Baby where she blogs about great finds for – you guessed it – mom and baby.

Babies All Ears
by Erica Ashmore

Visualize a new born screaming on the change table because baby is scared and doesn’t like the idea of getting changed. Mom and dad frantically try to soothe by hushing, they try placing a hand on baby’s abdomen so the little one feels more secure. Nothing is working. But wait, one parent gets a thought and asks, ” what did we sing to baby in utero? The alphabet? Does that work?”
Sweet boy is still crying, wet bum in the air and hubby starts singing “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…” it’s magic – baby is settling! The cries slow down and becomes a mere whimper and by the time they get to “W, X, Y, Z” the child is quiet looking up contented at its parents.
Yes, you guessed it. That was us.
From early on as soon as we got to about 24 weeks, we started talking to him but mostly it was my husband singing to Charlie the A, B, C’s. After the above “incident” we quickly learned the power of song and the effect it had in utero. It works classically to this very day at 23 months of age. When we have a freak out…I mean when Charlie has a freak out, we soothe him by singing the A, B, C’s. When it’s time for a nap or bedtime I rock away with him singing and now he’s beginning to sing them with us.
In utero we would end it with “Give a Kick to Mommy.” It’s now “Give a Kiss to Mommy/Daddy” and well, I get most of the kisses. It’s truly magical how this works on soothing our son. I am a firm believer and I hope I’ll have a Ritmo for my next pregnancy. If you haven’t thought of it or ever wondered if it works, trust me when I tell you it does. Now if only the A,B. C’s would work for my freak out. It would be a lot less caloric compared to a glass of wine, that’s for sure!

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Did you sing to baby?


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