Fit Chicks Bootcamp-Day 1, week 1

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow. Fit Chicks.
I am so out of shape and it's truly amazing on how a baby changes your body.
My abs are stretched out and I could feel them move from side to side, up and down as I was doing jumping jacks.  Speaking of jumping jacks....moms...I so wish I took Kegels seriously. Need I say more, LOL!  If you are pregnant and reading this.  Do your Kegels. Trust me.
Photo courtesy of Fit Chicks
I had such an awesome work out, I had to modify some of the exercises because I am so out of shape but nonetheless I worked hard and what I love most about the Bootcamp class is I felt so weak at the beginning that by the end I could feel my strength grow and I was ready to take on the world.  I am looking forward to seeing my endurance and stamina get stronger after 8 weeks.
Oh yes, I'm doing 8 weeks of Boot camp, twice a week and I'll incorporate Tosca Reno's Eat Clean philospophy with a little bit of Weight Watchers.
Pictures and measurements to follow if I have the courage to share with you. To give you an idea, I'm 5'10" and a size 16. I'd like to be a 12 again.

About me and my weight  issues
I can't believe I am even writing about this, to share this with you all is a little overwhelming as I try to keep my personal life on this blog at arms length. Plus I know my mom is reading this.
I didn't get hips and breasts until I was in my twenties and my childhood and teenage years consisted of ballet and Ukrainian dancing, no wonder I was thin?  I spent every weekend at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school and weekdays were Ukrainian dancing.
I'm not happy with my new size and this is the largest I have ever been. I've heard family talk about me behind my back(pre-baby when I was just a size 14) and speaking of back I have back issues.  I think it has to do with the weight gain of sitting home all winter with a new baby, eating a full diet to have the best breast milk for him( I nursed for 16 months!), no family here to babysit and my husbands hours at work made if difficult. That is how I came to my weight(I'll share it later).  But I am big boned...can I use that excuse? Being of Ukrainian and German descent?  I always blamed my genes but that's only 10% of the problem. Right? At the same time I flip them bird and use the excuse " I had a baby".

I'm working with Fit Chicks to get back to being svelte because I feel so out of shape.  Bootcamp with Fit Chicks will transform your life, I just stared yesterday and I can't wait for tomorrows class.  I thought for sure I'd be a mess today but I'm actually not too bad.  We did pushups, sprints, jumping jacks, lunges, weights and lots more.
It was so hard but I also so loved it!  Today the only thing sore about me is my arms from weights and push ups and it's a good pain.  I love being pushed to my limits and my instructor yesterday, Laura was great.  Nothing better than a great women getting together to improve their quality of lives, theirs no judgment on your size or capability.
The first class they take your measurements and again at the end of your program.
Here's mine, oh god! I'm sharing this with the world:
Arms L/R: 13/13.25
Chest: 43.5
BellyButton: 42
Booty: 49.5
Thighs L/R: 28.75/29

Now my next step is what to eat? After my workout yesterday I felt oxygenated, blood pumping and I felt alive again.  You don't want to eat junk after a workout with Fit Chicks.

Lets see how Wednedays work out goes.
I could only do 33 pushups is 60 seconds, 40 sit ups in 60 seconds and 53 jumping jacks in 60 seconds in my first class!
Follow my journey and at the end of this Fit Chicks (this link takes you to their current giveaway) is going to give one lucky chick here a 4 week classes of Bootcamp!


Stephanie @ FIT CHICKS said...

We're so glad you had fun with us!

As for the "I could only do" - those numbers are AMAZING, chick! You are way stronger than you give yourself credit for. I can't wait to see that strength grow! :)

danielle said...

Good for you girl!!!
I'm exhausted and sore just from reading this!! haha imagine the pain i would be going through?!! 3 babies in 4 years with bed rest for the last two pregnancies= one unfit mama here!!
too bad there are no Fit Chicks located in montreal... hint hint!

i look forward to hearing/watching the transformation!!!

Laura @FIT CHICKS said...

Hey Chick,

It was so awesome meeting and sweating up a storm with you yesterday!! I love training chicks who go in giving 110% and you are one fierce chick! Have fun with Dana tomorrow and I am pumped to hear about your journey :)

Mama Ash said...

Thanks for all the great encouragement!
When I saw my number for belly button I almost died! I remember it like yesterday when it was once 28! I have a lot of work ahead of me.
I felt stronger today and even waiting for the bus today I bounced a little and did some moves to keep me moving!

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