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Thursday, November 18, 2010

If you have read my blogs about Fit Chicks bootcamp you'll see a couple of references where I mention I wish I took Kegels seriously.  Because once you do jumping jacks and mostly any other active exercise where you are bouncing up and down you might get a tiny tinkle.

Does anyone talk about incontinence?  I just read a great article in Best Health (one of my favorites) and thought why didn't they mention Stride?
It's okay. There are treatments and they are even talking about botox to help stop thank you.  I'll stick with Stride.

So what's Stride?
A revolutionary underwear that has OQUOST patented technology built into the liner.
After my "embarrassing" moments that no one knew at the moment, until now....working out at bootcamp made it awkward as I was nervous, will people see something?  Will I leave a dribble?

I was thinking do I have to wear a pad to bootcamp now?  I hate the waste of pads when tossed surely there must be another option.
So at The Baby Time Show when I turned down the aisle I saw Stride and I had a "Aha!" moment.
I bought two pairs.  I had bootcamp yesterday and let me tell you. They are seamless, they are comfortable with no creeping up and they work.  I ran, I jumped you name it and I could finally focus on my form and workout. 

The creator of Stride 
After the birth of her son, like many other women out there,  she was shocked to realize she had stress incontinence. The “embarrassing” problem of always worrying about what might happen if you laugh too hard, or sneeze unexpectedly. So she looked for a solution to the issue, but was disappointed that there were really no good options out there.
Sure, you could use pantiliners, but they’re pretty uncomfortable and are definitely not an environmentally friendly option. There was no way I was going to use pantiliners every day! She wanted something functional, that would still allow me to feel sexy. And so the STRIDE solution was born. They have created sexy, practical, and  panties that help women deal with the issue of light leaks – without anything being disposable.
So, the search began. Wendy and her team worked with a strong R&D partner to design the patented fabric technology and permanently built it into the panty’s gusset. The patented technology is revolutionary in its super-absorbent ability to wick moisture from the top layer, absorb and deodorize…so you and your clothes stay dry.

So what do you think?  
I love mine and will take advantage of this discount because they are so nice!

Well, if you're curious and want to try them here is an exclusive discount code for you to save 30% on orders over $35:
Visit Stride online to make your purchase, here:
Code: STRIDE818    
expires November 30th, 2010

As well how about a giveaway!

To enter tell me why you'd love a pair! 
Please include your email. 

Open to US & CDN's and Good Luck!
Ends: December.1, 2010 at 6pmEST


julie said...

I'd love a pair, 'cause nothing's gonna stop this mama from laughing her *rse off!!

the mombshell said...

This post has just changed my life!

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

OMG I need these! LOL! As a mom of 3 they are something that I NEED! Thank you so much for introducing them to me! I now know what I am buying myself for Chritmas! LOL!!

sleatherberry at gmail dot com

ksceviour said...

I would LOVE a pair! Thay are nice looking and looks comfortable plus serves a great purpose as well! Count me in!

beth said...

lol, like it's not obvious why we all need this?? forget about jumping jacks, laughing at something the kids do...we have had several colds going through the house for the last 2 months nonstop it seems...all I have to say is...*cough cough*...the last thing you want to think about when you have a hacking coughing fit is whether you're going to need to change your underwear after LOL

goodkarmacan at yahoo dot com

pamalot said...

I would love to try these new underwear because they look comfortable and functional at the same time.

leanne_mac said...

I totally need some new underwear and these look comfortable.

leannemacg at

link within

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