Week 3, Day 5 of Fit Chicks Boot Camp

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I learned that lesson last night.  I thought I was going to die and not in a good way like in my first post.
I got a little dizzy, sweated like a pig and it distracted me.  Boo!  It did state in the Fit Chicks  Chick Pack to wear light clothing so it's my boo boo.  I forgot.

Last nights class was interesting and in a good way.
They were designed to get your cardio moving by sets of workouts, a lot of quad work with lunges and squats and I got a slight injury......again Boo!
But it felt so good to wake up those muscles that have been on snooze for the past 15 years.

However, I focused more on form so I tightened my core and moved a tad slower as I wanted to focus on the obvious without looking like a sloppy, a touch over weight woman bouncing around and flaying my arms around.  I wanted control and proper form and I can feel the muscles I worked yesterday, today and the one little muscle I pulled while working out.

I am getting more flexible too! Yay!  Thank you Fit Chicks!
Last nights was hard and I thought I was going to throw up because of the ab work I did, but it made up for the wine I had Saturday night and maybe a bite or two of Miss. Vickies.
But the motivation I got to keep moving was when I got home and my husband said "I think you've lost a couple of inches.  You can see your hard work... it's starting"
A smile and a "I hope so" on my end as I collapsed onto the recliner with my 2 year old for a bedtime snuggle.


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Little Green Mom said...

Nice one. I too have made the long sleeve mistake but let me tell you, it's only a mistake you only make once! Glad your hard work is paying off already!!

Stephanie @ FITCHICKS said...

You did the right thing, chick! ALWAYS focus more on form than speed. Doing a move quickly and incorrectly can lead to serious injuries.
That's so great that your husband has noticed a change - I'm sure you're glowing, too! :)

Keep up the amazing work!!!

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