Small Potatoes Review and Giveaway: Mitten Leashes

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Small Potatoes one of my favorite companies and from my home town, Winnipeg, Manitoba or as I call it Winterpeg, Manitscoldout sent me a pair of mitten leashes.  I also like their Drinky Leashes.

Two words.
Love them.

Mind you I have a 2 year old and they are little young for him as he is intrigued by everything and loves to take these and swing his arms around and watch his mits fly in circles rather than just wear his mitts but we have both pairs and they are not lost.  That's the whole point!
Oh to be 2 and easily amused.

However, these do stay in place, they are nicely made, they are tres chic and a neat creation.
Well, I love little knick knacks and I like new creations that didn't exist when I was just a kid back in the 80's.

I've lost countless mittens and well, no more thanks to the Mitten Leash and Small Potatoes wants one lucky follower of Everything Mom and Baby to win a pair for their kids.

To Enter:

*  Please "Like" Small Potatoes on Facebook and tell them "you want to win the Mitten Leash on Everything Mom and Baby" (just copy and paste this if you like)

*  Please leave me your email address here and tell us what else from Small Potatoes you think is great and what mitten leash you'd choose for your child.  Include the links of the products here so I can see too :)

*  Good Luck!
*  This is open to US & CDN's
*  Ends 12/12/2010......11:50pm EST


Emily said...

My email is emilysmith2100 at yahoo dot com

mitten leash: EDS051

Love this:

Mama Lisa said...

I like Small Potatoes on Facebook.

I'd like the SST042 style of mitten leash.

My e-mail is lcgauci at rogers dot com

I'd like this drink leash. The mod zoo blue style.

Pixie said...

liked small potatoes on facebook

Avery said...

I liked them on facebook and wrote them a msg on their wall

email is sweetpea_very at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of the changing pod! I need to order one! My little monkey squirms all over the place and they would be fantastic to keep her on a cover!

I would LOVE the EDS025 Mitten Leashes

ANd I liked them on FB!

Harrison Family said...

I would pick this one if I won!!

Liked them on facebook

left a mesage for them on FB

Adam said...

I liked them on FB (Kim Wiebe, I'm on my husbands google account because I don't have my own yet! lol)

mini_me_kim at hotmail dot com

I love the A line dresses. Please don't make me pick a specific fabric, I love them all!

I think I'd pick this for my mitten leash.

Vanessa said...

I like them on Fb and left them a message. Any mitten leash would work for us!

gracefulcat at

Tara said...

like them on FB (tara e)

i also like the changing pods:

i think i would choose these mitten leashes:

taraz9 at excite dot com

Robyn said...

I "Like" Small Potatoes on Facebook and told them "I want to win the Mitten Leash on Everything Mom and Baby!!!!"

My email address is:
arctic_teacher AT yahoo DOT ca

Another items I think is great from Small Potatoes is the Camo Drinky Leash (

The mitten leash I would choose for my son is SST042 (

Anonymous said...

I like them on FB and left them a msg!

Anonymous said...

my email is

I like the SST012 Mitten Leashes
another item I think is cool from small potatoes website is the Giggle Dots Aqua Changing Pod,

Pam Koop said...

Liked on FB.
like the changing pods -
Like the black mitten leashes -
My email is

kiwimum said...

I am a small potatoes facebook fan - Chantelle Marie Scott, and I love the look of their Mei Tei Baby Carriers!
ski_girl69 at

link within

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