Bravado Design: Essential Nursing Tank {Giveaway is CLOSED}

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ooooo, did I get your attention or what with this header?

First off, I love Bravado Designs.  They were the B*E*S*T nursing bra's I have even worn and when I think back to my breast feeding days when people ask me what I recommend, Bravado Designs is the first thing that comes out of my mouth.

When I first had Master "C", I didn't even think about getting nursing bra!  That was a mistake.
My poor mom had to go out to the mall and get me one from a maternity store that was just mediocre, not comfortable and cheaply made.  Did you know you can get accurately fitted before you give birth? Come in 2 weeks before the due date to Bravado Designs and they will fit you!  Here's my fitting experience. Read it here

That's one the first things you'll notice with Bravado Designs is their quality.
Going back to mothers asking me about breast feeding gear I'd have to say my all time fave is their Essential Nursing Tank.
Why it's so fabulous? Well besides I lived in mine 24/7 because night time nursing, just unclasp and go.
But here are some more reasons:
  • Built in Bra: Proprietary design gives you a full support (molded) built in bra on the inside, a beautiful shape and cottony comfort, all in one!
  • Great for nursing in public: perfect to wear every day - nursing in public, around the house, going to yoga class, lounging or as sleepwear.
  • Long in length: Imagine…you’ll look terrific, feel great and it is easy to nurse in public because it provides tummy coverage where you need it. Our nursing tank is long giving you a beautiful and flattering shape that’s fitted but not clingy.
  • Maternity Tank and a Nursing Tank: Fabric gently stretches while retaining its shape after washing. A two for one value as you can wear it as a maternity tank while pregnant and then continue to wear it as a nursing tank while breastfeeding.
  • Cotton Nursing Tank: Soft, high-quality cotton/spandex outer fabric isn’t see through, even in white
  • Full Access: Cups unclasp at the shoulder and drop down and away from your body to give baby full access to your breast, providing you and your baby with skin-to-skin contact which is essential, specially when establishing a breastfeeding rhythm.
  • Discrete Nursing Clips: allow full breastfeeding access and only you will know this is a nursing tank.
Win a Bravado Design Essential Nursing Tank!
Open to Canada ('eh, of course!) and US
Ends March.21, 2011 at 12pm EST

Find Bravado Designs on Facebook and Twitter!
New to Everything Mom and Baby? We're on Facebook and Twitter too!

Just tell us what is your Must Have or Favorite piece from Bravado Design
Mine was the tank, so lets hear from you! 
Other entries are optional if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Since there's a problem with this friggin' document please do the following, to the earlier entries don't worry I still have them!

{Mandatory Entry}
Tell me your favorite piece from Bravado Design or if you're new to Bravado what you would like to try.

{Optional Entries}
* Follow my blog publicly, via Googe Friend Connect.  Just click on Follow where you see my list of fans.

* Subscribe to my blog via email, so you know who wins, what's new and for more giveaways!

* Spread the word on this giveaway! Tweet, blog, Facebook profile, leave me a comment with the link!

Thanks so much for taking the time to enter and Good Luck!


Lindsay said...

Awesome give away!

Mama Ash said...

I agree Lindsay, it is awesome!
Thanks for commenting:)

Heidi said...

Awesome contest - the submit button seems to be missing?

Momarabbit said...


Mama EEW said...

Yes- I too do not see the Submit button, but I'd love to enter, please help with this! Thanks :).

Mama Ash said...

I see it on here????
Just post here and I'll add it to the entries at the end :)
Sorry about that.

Michelle said...

I think I'm doing this right, I don't see the submit button either but I'd like to win one of their double plus nursing bras or any item that is in a 46 DDD or G!

the Tangerine Flamingo said...

I don't see a submit button..
I follow (Redhead and Blue). I'd really like to try the nursing tank, I have never used one before!
tangerine_flamingo AT hotmail. com

Kari-Ann said...

Oooh - I LIVED in their nursing bras last go 'round, and had their nursing tank on my "should try" list for this go 'round. Five weeks left as of today! I'm a Facebook fan.

kari-ann (at) hotmail (dot) com.

tobyhir said...

Yes, I agree, the tank is a bust, uh, must have! LOL :D

Mama Ash said...

Hi Tangerine Flamingo, yeah, I got rid of the document that required you to enter the info and then "Submit" so I went back to this way for contest entries :)

Tara said...

Can't find the form? so i hope this counts!

1. fave piece: would love to try their allure bra.
2. follow GFC
3. Like Everthing Mom and Baby and Bravado Designs on Facebook - tara e

taraz9 at excite dot com

Mama Ash said...

Yep it counts Tara.
As it says in the above I have a problem with the document so entries are just to enter here on the blogs comments section.

Amanda said...

I am new to Bravado so I'd love to try this tank.
tvpg at aol dot com

Amanda said...

Follow you via GFC, Like you and Bravado on FB, and tweeted -!/Dolphin4176/status/49558490108280833
I am so happy I figured out what was wrong and can post now!!! :-)
tvpg at aol dot com

Angie said...

Hi Mama Ash! Here's my entry:
1. I LOVE the look of the nursing tank and would love to try.
2. I like your page and Bravado on FB
3. I subscribe to the blog and publicly follow on google.
4. I posted the link to your giveaway on my FB page. (Angie MacIvor)

Win or not, I'm getting one one of those tanks (it's on my b-day wish list!)

Amie said...

I have never owned a Bravado tank, only their bras. I would love to try a tank! :)

link within

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