Rock Me USA- New clothing line for infants and toddlers and a {Giveaway}

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today is the birthday of rock me!  Yep, it's their first day launching their fabulous line all made in the USA, it fits over cloth diapers(for those who wonder) and they are a 100% rockin' line!

I had the pleasure to interview the fabulous ladies who are the moms of rock me!

Who is rock me! ?
 Nancy & Anna:  Rock me is a lifestyle product designed to make parents lives easier when outfitting their little ones.
What inspired you to create rock me!?
Nancy:  Our inspiration came from motherhood when we discovered a gap in the market for infant wear that is both stylish ANS functional.  We then made it our mission to bridge the gap
Anna:  The idea was really Nancy's and we collaborated to bring the line to life.

Why did you decide to design a line without zippers, button, velcros and snaps?
Nancy & Anna:  Ask anyone who has changed an infant out of a romper with it's many buttons and they will say the same thing, "it's frustrating".  Rock Me's aim was to make dressing your child in a stylish out fit EASY.

What is your design philosophy?
Nancy & Anna: Our design philosophy is simple.  Form follows function.  In other words designs must work with the functionality of the clothes.

Everything is made is the USA. Was this an important feature for you?
Nancy: Yes!  That was Anna's idea
Anna:  Our economy depends on it.  Nancy and I have always tried to support local businesses as well as friends and neighbours.  So when we started our business we thought; why not support our country on a larger scale.  Also living in Motor City(Michigan) I can see the impact buying American plays on the local economy - especially when it comes to jobs.

What was your Aha! moment when you realized North America needs your beautiful designs?
Nancy:  The first time I changed my sons diaper for the 10th time that day and due to utter exhaustion  had once again missed a snap and had to unsnap all over again and start snapping once again that's what sparked my Aha! moment.  I recall saying out loud "there must be something out there that's easier than this!"
Anna:  When I left for the weekend and my husband sent over a photo over the phone picture message  and I realized that men have a hard time putting outfits together(he had never dressed them before)
Rock Me does the hard work for men.  They don't have to spend the time picking a matching outfit, it's already done with rock me!
Not only do we have a 20 % discount code for you to help celebrate the launch but we also have a giveaway!
{The Giveaway is now OVER}


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