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Monday, October 24, 2011

I love this time of year. There are more ghost shows on TV, the Fall colours, the decoration at the stores, spooky decorations on the street and seeing neighbours trying to out do the other.  I love the Fall and Halloween.  We have some fabulous books up for grabs, enjoy reading the below.

One of my favorite books up for grabs is Pat the Beastie. My 3yr old loves it because it's a pull and poke type of book and in a fun way teaching kids to be nice to their pets or else! Buy it {here}
"Unfortunately, Paul and Judy weren't very nice to Beastie. In fact they were downright naughty. They pulled Beastie's fur and jiggled Beastie's eyes. They tickled his feet and plucked his boogers. "Always be kind to your pets!" they were reminded again and again but Paul and Judy never listened. Boy, were they sorry!" from Thomas Allen & Son
What am I? Halloween
Can I tell you how much fun this book is? My son squealed with delight as he lifted the flaps and acted out the characters too.
" I have magic powers and wear a cape and a pointed hat. I like to fly on my broomstick. What am I what could I be?" Open the flap and see "I am a friendly witch on Halloween. That's me" All with beautiful, fun and gentle illustrations. Lots of fun pages! Buy it {here}

 Halloween Mice:Board book
I love reading this book the illustrations are quite sweet, you have to see it to know what I mean but it brings the fun, enticing energy that this time of year brings. But it {here}

Mouse and Mole a Perfect Halloween
Love this quote in the book:
"Eeny, meeny, miny, mumpkin —Which of you will be my pumpkin?” In fact it's something I say Charlie everyday now and he replies "Oh, mommy, your funny"
This is a great story book about 2 friends Mouse and Mole. Mouse loves Halloween, Mole....not so much. He finds it scary.  Does Mole begin to enjoy Halloween? Does Mouse win the pumpkin carving contest? Buy it {here}

How would you like a chance to win all 4 copies? Thomas Allen and Son is generously giving one lucky Everything Mom and Baby follower all 4 copies!

We have a winner! #5, julie1976 you are the winner of this fabulous book set!

Thank you to everyone who entered and more great books to come :)


Aleasha said...
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Aleasha said...

This is only my sons second Halloween and the first one that he will be actually trick or treating so we are just beginning the traditions. So far both years we have done the pumpkin patch trip, carve pumpkins and he will be dressing up! At 15 months old he loves his books so I would love to win a halloween one for him!


AnScott said...

My daughter is only 3 months old, so we won't be going trick or treating this year.


Sweet Panda said...

I did not bring my daughter out for trick or treat last year. Since she's two years old now, we will go trick or treat and we will dress her up as a lady bug.

sweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

julie said...

I made the house very spooky. This is my 3 yo son's first time trick or treating. He's going to be a cowboy!

jmgreen1976 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My son is 17 months old so he won't be trick or treating this year. My husband is in charge of finding our costumes this year and I don't know what he has planned. My son really loves his books and I know he would love these.

gracefulcat at hotmail dot com

Heidi said...

My kids are Lightening McQueen and a ballerina this year.

Anonymous said...

We will be handing out candy and taking our daughter to a few houses of friends and family in our neighbourhood.
kristina_ann_scott at hotmail dot com

Carrie said...

We don't give out candy since we live on a busy street and no kids so we take our 2 girls to Nana and Papa's neighborhood.

I'll be carving a pumpkin this year after not being able to participate :) So excited about that !

Amy said...

My daughter (who is 3) hasn't gone trick or treating yet so she doesn't know what it is so hasn't pressured me to take her out. I haven't decided if I'll take her out, she doesn't need the candy. Nor do I! We don't give out candy because we live in an apartment. We carved some pumpkins and roasted the seeds. She's dressing as Cinderella for the halloween preschool party!
amym_brown @ hotmail.com

Dee said...

My Daughter is just over 5 months, we went pumpkin picking and she fell asleep but always nice to start a tradition so your remember it and they grow to remember it every year :) Were dressing her up as a lobster and we are going to put her in a big pot we have! I am dressing as a cook! haha We arnt going "trick or Treating" But were going to go to a couple of our neighbours houses just to show her cuteness off!

pamalot said...

I am celebrating Halloween by dressing up with my kindergarten students. I will be the brick house from the 3 little pigs. (lol)

Mama Lisa said...

We love Halloween at our house. We decorate the outside with cotton cob webs, caution tape and pumpkin lights. We also have a air filled pumpkin with a cat on top of if! My boys will be going out as a wizard, a spooky clown and my youngest is going to be a skunk! :)

lcgauci at rogers dot com

flowerchild said...

My two daughters 6 and 14 months are going as little bo peep and her sheep
thanks for the great giveaway

Andrea Jones said...

It is my daughters first Halloween so we are going out with some friends and she will be dressed as a cute cow! Also we helped her carve her first pumpkin. Tonight before she goes to be I will read her the Halloween Mice book. I love that book! That is how we are going to celebrate today! :)

Tammy said...

We drive around and visit familt a far to show off the kids... then make our way home for dark! tradions the night before we carve... eat seeds... and watch a spooky show! Favorite book... BOO by Robert Munch:-)

link within

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