The new Boba 3G: thoughtfully designed for loving parents & happy babies everywhere! Review & Giveaway

Monday, October 3, 2011

Boba has been redesigned, carrier and website and it is fabulous!
I have a great giveaway coming up at the end but let me tell you what's new with this fabulous brand.

What I like about boba 3G:
I love the comfort of the first boba so I was curious as to how this would stand up. I've carried him for a couple of hours a day when we are out about, by the end of the day I had only slight discomfort.  We don't use the stroller as much as he likes to walk everywhere but when he gets tired I can unfold(as you can see below, you can wear neatly around your waist) and place him on my back and he can have a little snooze too. 

boba truly is a uniquely designed carrier and I am even more honoured to be involved in the new launch of the boba 3G and that boba called me a babywearing aficionado!

The only con is I think the height of the panel could be higher/longer. I didn't find it to be as high as it boasts.  Also I prefer their original Boba's waist belt. It's thicker/wider and not as narrow. 
I'm a size 16 and wore it with ease.  The shoulder straps aren't as padded as others that I've worn.
 I do wish they made a toddler carrier as this is going to be a short lived carrier for us as my son is almost too big for it perhaps that is why it was not as comfy and I wish I had a picture but alas the camera is broken.  He's 3 yrs old and I do toddlerwear.

Here are some of the new things with the boba 3G:
Photo courtesy of boba

* I really like that I can fold the carrier up and not have the straps dangling down my legs.
* The removable sleeping hood is great and can be adjusted with elastic strap.
* Boba can be comfortably worn for parents who are 5'0"-6'3" and the waist strap fits generously as well from 25" to 58". The straps and body of the carrier are 20 inches(straps) and extend up to 40 inches long.
* There's lots of room(well more room) for breastfeeding as the new body of the carrier makes it easier to adjust.
* The patent pending foot straps which is to aid in better support for your kids so their feet are not dangling, this provides a great option to use as they are removable and the straps are wider than the 1st generation of boba carriers. I never really bothered with the foot straps personally.
Photo courtesy of boba
photo courtesy of boba
* You can do an infant carry with the new boba 3G. No infant insert required! Just simply snap the snaps on as you fold the waist band. Genius!  Adjust head support straps (located
inside the pocket) as necessary. Your baby’s head should be resting on your chest and facing either left or right. Adjust so baby is in the frog legged position.
* There's even a shoulder strap holder for your purse! I've had my bag slip off because of the cushy shoulder straps of my various carries.   Now I can snap the strap in and be truly hands free.
* Multiple pockets are great and convenient.

There's so much to say about this carrier all I can truly offer you is to visit their site, here and see for your self how great and unique boba really is.  Boba also does wraps! How great is that?
One of my favorite Canadian retailers for Boba is Tiny Tree Hugger based in Manitoba.
Over all it's a nice carrier and provide good positioning for baby, always pay attention to the carrier fitting and the panel is wide for knee to knee comfort to get the "M" position. They have what customer service should be. Good and efficient.
Put the stroller aside and enjoy the benefits of carrying your baby
The knee to knee here shown shows a proper fit.


Olivia L said...

Sorry, I didn't realize that this is the same giveaway over at Adventures of My Family of 8, and I entered over there too. Now I see that those entries showed up on this Rafflecopter widget. Not trying to double dip, just didn't know. Can you delete/ignore the extra "like Boba on FB" and "follow Boba on twitter" entries?

Mama Ash said...

I'll pass this on to the boba folks it might be okay...

chariejane said...

I accidentally typed in the wrong email for the "like boba on Fb".. How do I fix this?

Mama Ash said...

I have no idea, you could let them know on the boba facebook page and they might be able to change it themselves.

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