Shari Criso Cloth Diapering DVD and Breast Feeding DVD

Friday, October 7, 2011

I am excited that something new has come out in the cloth diapering world.
Shari Criso has brought to you a cloth diapering DVD that takes you through the steps of cloth diapering, what to do, why to consider cloth diapering and the ins and outs.
If you are wondering if cloth diapering is right for you or you want to switch your friends on to cloth diapers get them this DVD!
 Hear from real moms, cloth diapering experts and Shari Criso.  These are reputable sources.
 I like the idea of having this DVD in my own home,  it has reliable and invaluable advice from cloth diapering experts.  You can sit comfortably on the couch with your little one(s) rather than searching for sometimes suspect and often incorrect information on the internet, or trying to find that link you saw yesterday or last week or last month that you can't find anymore. That can get frustrating to say the least, and who wants to sit in front of a computer all day and night when you can just pop in a DVD.
There is absolutely nothing that guarantees what you find on the internet is accurate and safe for baby. With a DVD by Shari Criso you can fast foward or rewind, watch on your big screen TV and get your friends over to watch and see what cloth diapering is all about. Not to mention the reliability of the source.  Here it is in one easy shot.

This will be available in Canada mid November. I am taking pre-orders and offering free shipping with this DVD!  Get it and watch the the trailer {HERE}
I'm not embarrassed to say that I have turned down some big companies with lucrative offers because I truly didn't believe in their products.  I stand behind everything I endorse.
Are you pregnant? Thinking about breast feeding or formula feeding. This is for you. I'd like to share with you  Shari Criso's Breast Feeding DVD so you can make an informed choice.
You'll have your own personal board certified lactation consultant!  If you're wondering if breast feeding is right for you and your baby, this DVD will answer all your concerns.
When you you're up at 3am just pop in the DVD and it is set up in chapters so you can go directly to what you need help in.  You can watch the first 3 chapters here.
As a new mom I thought breast feeding would be natural and easy to do.  Unfortunately it can take some time and patience.
We scrambled for breast feeding books, which are okay, but the visuals and instructions on this DVD are the next best thing to a lactation consultant.
What you’ll learn:

Shari’s presentation begins with the benefits that breastfeeding provides to both you and your baby.  You’ll understand why breastfeeding is so important and be eager to make it a part of your life.  From there, Shari provides a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide including everything you need to breastfeed successfully, from avoiding pain and finding the right latch to making sure that baby is getting enough to eat. ~ from Shari Criso Website
With this DVD you have Shari Criso at your finger tips as you sit in on one of her own breast feeding classes.  I will be bringing these 2 DVD's in mid November to my e-shop. I hope you've enjoyed learning about what's out there to help you along with your journey into parenting.


Katie said...

Thank so much! I have a friend who I am getting into cloth diapering and this would be great for her to watch and learn.
I really liked the trailer :) You always find the best stuff Erica(Mama Ash!)

Anonymous said...

As a grandma to be ( I enter your giveaways for my daughter in law) I would love to get the breast feeding DVD for her. I formula fed as that was the way back in my day and the support out there now in days, wow! Thanks dear for sharing this.

Mimi said...

Love Shari's DVD! She is a beautiful person, so glad you're getting her DVD's.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there was a cloth diapering DVD!

Autumn Beck | All About Cloth Diapers said...

I watched the trailer on Julie's Facebook page and it looks like a great resource!

Mama Ash said...

Thanks Autumn, I'm trying to get the word as I think it's fabulous for all moms to be who are curious about cloth diapers:)

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