"Until the Light of Morning": Essie Jain's CD Review

Monday, November 7, 2011

 With the Holiday Season in full swing, Christmas commercials are starting and we're getting into the spirit of giving! Please listen to this video before continuing...

Essie Jain - What A Big Wide World from Essie Jain on Vimeo.

 Ah, I love soothing music like this. It is perfect to shut off the lights, turn the tv off and play this lovely CD. Cuddle with baby on the rocker and enjoy. You have a created a special memory.
The album is a record of original Lullabies for babies, children and their parents.  It creates a soothing and calming atmosphere for whole family, that unwinds and settles parents and child into the natural rhythms of the bodies own energy.
I cannot tell what a special and unique CD this truly is. It does take you somewhere. Sound, rhythm and tone in this CD is magic. I think Magical is a great way that I can describe this CD, the flow of this CD takes you away. It is soft, warm and welcoming, Essie Jain is a beautiful soul and you can hear it in her voice as you and baby lovingly drift off.

Now yes you could enter to win this lovely CD and you can also buy it {HERE} for just $12.
There is lots to explore on Essie Jain's site, it is just lovely and mellow.
Curious about what her other songs sound like? Listen {HERE}

Enter to Win

Who is Essie Jain? Watch this video and tell us how does music move you and why you want to win "Until the Light of Morning" I think you and your child will love this.

For extra points, please visit and Like Essie Jain on Facebook. Let her know I told you about her CD.
Giveaway is open to US and Canada, ends Nov.14, 2011

And the lucky winner of this beautiful CD is.............. #5 AMY MCCARTY

"Music moves me because I really connect with the emotions of each song I hear. Music actually goes along with humans heart beats to raise or lower it.
I would love to win a copy because it looks very interesting!"

Winner has been emailed and has 48 hrs to claim this prize :) Congrats and for everyone else BUY yours {HERE}


boyzrule said...

Music can relax us or makes us crazy with dancing. We love it in our house. I just played this on my computer and my boy stopped playing and came over to listen.

dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

Aleasha said...

The music is great! It would be a great lullaby cd as well as just stopping what we are doing and just relax and take a moment to share some time together

Aleasha said...

I like Essie Jain on facebook! FB name aleasha campbell


Lindsey said...

Essie Jain's music is just lovely. Music in my family is an expression of who we are. Whether we're having a happy day or need a smile put on our faces, music fills our home and our souls like nothing else can. We're always trying to find fresh, inspirational music and I know my daughter would love to add Essie's to our collection.

lindz22 at yahoo dot com

amymccarty1985 said...

Music moves me because I really connect with the emotions of each song I hear. Music actually goes along with humans heart beats to raise or lower it.
I would love to win a copy because it looks very interesting!

amymccarty1985 said...

I also liked them on facebook and said you sent me amymccarty@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

We love music! We always have something playing at our house. I love how music can sooth my daughter to sleep, make her happy, make her laugh when we dance... We would love to win this b/c we love to try new music.
Kristina S.
kristina_ann_scott at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My baby loves music! Our house is never quiet, and we would love to try Essie Jain's cd!

Andrea S


Jack said...

I listened to Cat Power when I painted a mural in my daughters room three years ago before she was born ... I still hear those sounds, feel those feelings when I sit and look at that wall. Love how music has that ability to take you back....

heatherty said...

How lovely. That song is so pretty - I'm going to have to play that video for my little ones when I get home. Music has the ability to take me away to a different place - oftentimes a memory of something in my past. My littlest always begins to sway and move and sing in her own little precious way when she hears music. This cd for her would be an ideal Christmas gift. Thank you for the chance!
heather at timm dot ca

heatherty said...

I also now like Essie Jain on Facebook, and let her know that you sent me. Thanks again!
heather at timm dot ca

The McKennas said...

I love how natural and light her music is.Th minute I played the music video my daughter stopped and listened. I think this will help her sleep!

Christyn Mckenna

The McKennas said...

Liked her on facebook!

Christyn Mckenna

link within

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