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Monday, December 19, 2011

Okay these are super cool from HexBug.  To be honest when I got this to review I didn't think I would think much of it but I do! I love them.  The scatter around, my son gets excited when we pull this out and we all play with them...as a family.

I must say it again, these are super cool. I highly recommend them.
I gave a Nano bug to my son, I was thinking okay maybe this will help us get over our fear of bugs which I had passed on to him as we were up North this passed Summer.  It has helped :) but they are more of a fun toy to get your preschoolers into early robotics.

This Nano bug moves like a real bug, it flips over and zips around like a beetle.  These robotic bugs run for about $5.  These make great little gifts and stocking stuffers for the 3+.  If you see these, get one. You'll get hooked and get the whole collection which is what we are now into, LOL!  You can become a collector online.  There are so many ramps to use as well such as a Glow in the Dark Habitat, The Nano Starter Kit is pretty fun too and only $12!

The Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set
The Nano's(bugs) move all over the place and go in circles sometimes.  My son was talking to it asking "Do you like going in circles, little bug?" then I pulled this out and the look of amazement swept across his face. We put some more Nano's in it and watched them move around...let the swarming begin! Nano owners would place their bugs on either side of the elevated
arena where they must scurry over an orange bridge, through one-way gates and meet in the center battle platform. HEXBUG Nanos nudge and knock their competitor out of the battle arena
until only one bug is left standing and reigned champion.

The Hexbug Spiral Starter Set (only $20!) and the Elevation Habitat is our favorite.
 Like the name suggests it's a nice starter set and the price is right if you are looking for a little extra something to give this Christmas Season.  I would recommend to all my friends as it is a fun toy and the bugs are really neat.

HEXBUG was designed to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. Their Everyone is drawn to the HEXBUG intelligent bug-like attributes and eye-catching packaging. Some of the products are so animated, they have fooled my cat dogs and my husbands friends have fun playing with this as well.

I think I'll have to get the Hexbug Spider next....I wonder if that will help get over my fear of those 8 legged creatures! You can buy online and I have seen these at Toys R Us.

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Anonymous said...

This looks really neat! Can I find it at most toy stores? I need something for under $15 so maybe the Nano Starter kit.

Meredith said...

This looks neat! I net my grandson would love a bug in his stocking!

Dad on the Run said...

This looks so cool! I never heard of them before.

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