Kobo Touch ~ Great gift for new moms & any avid reader

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Kobo has been an amazing gift to give this Christmas and here's why you should consider one.

My husband has been an avid book reader his whole life and has never been receptive to the idea of an e-reader.  However the new Kobo Touch seems to have changed all that.  Now he is anxious to explore e-books.

When I showed it to him, and he finally saw it in person, he was knocked out by how small and portable it was.  He loves to have a book in his hands, and he takes them with him wherever he goes.  The problem always is that the books can be large and awkward, and it can become banged up if it's in his bag.  The Kobo is a perfect size and weight, and he can store many books at once, so he's never having to carry more than one book!

Our living room has a wall of books and to be honest when it comes to moving packing those books can be a pain. He finally got rid of hundreds of books on our last move, and it still didn't seem to make a dent. I'm not going to lie to you, I like to read, but he is voracious!  He would be happy if we went out and sat together and read.  I'm a woman for heaven's sake, I'm verbal!  Anyway, enough about my husband's quirks, we don't have all day.

The convenience of Kobo Touch is he reads numerous books at one time and he can easily switch between books rather than carrying one.  He commutes via TTC(Toronto's public transportation) so his life is made easier with one handy little e-reader. It certainly helps that the prices for ebooks seem substantially less than actual books.  Even my husband can understand that!  This will make both our lives that much easier. Everyone can relate to that!

I do however think this is a brilliant gift for a mom to be or the new mom who loves to read.  Have you tried reading a book while breast feeding, bottle feeding or while baby is sleeping in your arms?  Reading is not so easy. What is great about e-readers is you need one hand to tap the page and voila...reading just got a touch easier.  The battery level is fantastic and can last a month(well 10,000 page turns) before having to give a charge, it also has built in Wi-Fi.  See more {here}

Switching to e-reading is something we are new too because of our love for books, we still enjoy going to Indigo and Chapters and looking through books. A good book is a good book whether you have an appreciation for literature in paper back or electronically.  We are no longer e-reader snobs.

Kobo Touch is remarkable.
Indigo has free shipping on orders over $25.   This would be an amazing baby shower gift and it's still the Christmas season(we also celebrate Ukrainian Christmas, Jan.7) so...that last minute gift you need...well here you go!


Anonymous said...

Love this idea for new moms! Merry Christmas <3 Sheila

Abigail said...

Do you know how many books I have fumbled whilst trying to read with a babe in my arms?!
Why didn't I think of this?
Fab review Erica!

Anonymous said...

We love our Kobo!

Mama Ash said...

Why thank you Abigail!

Anonymous said...

As a new mom this was the only way I could read! I've completely converted to e-reading.

Emma said...

We've pretty much exclusively switched to ebooks. My husband has the Kobo; I have a Sony but will probably buy the next gen Kobo since I use their bookstore allllll the time.

link within

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