Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers-Pre-Order Special from Everything Mom and Baby Shop

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well why not have a SALE before they come in?

Just in time for Spring, babywearing can be warm and cozy without having to put on a big, heavy coat with Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers.

Kowalli features:
  • The fabric is weather-treated Polartec fleece that repels rain and snow. 
  • It works with baby in any position (facing in or out), front or back, or hip carry. 
  • Lies toga-style so baby can see out
  • One size fits most. 
  • Can be used with any SSC(Soft Structured Carrier), sling, or wrap. Made in USA.
  • Works as a nursing cover
I like that I can wear a lighter coat and pull the cover over or step in and pull it up, cinch and go. If I was still breast feeding I can easily use the Kowalli as a cover and nurse discreetly by opening my coat and lift my nursing top.  Something that can't easily done in another product where baby has to poke their head through.

 Kowalli's are coming to Everything Mom and Baby Shop in a couple of weeks and EM&B is running a pre-order special for Canadian orders.   Sorry, US but you can order directly through Kowalli.

Canadian orders, Kowalli's are on special $69.99 (and ships for free)  til Sunday, Feb.26/12 and then they go up to $79.99.

 PRE-ORDER {HERE} and get the hottest Spring Baby Carrier Cover accessory that Ontario has ever seen!  EM&B is their first retailer in Ontario and as you know EM&B sets the trend ;)
These are also very daddy friendly! You might need to buy two!


Anonymous said...

I want one!

Jana said...

Please let me know when they come, I'll try to pre-order if hubby lets me!

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