Personal Gourmet Frozen from Rose Reisman ~ A Delicious Review

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last week I got to eat like a star. If I could afford it I would love to have to personal chef. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook.  But once in awhile I like to have someone cook me a meal and I thoroughly appreciated receiving the offer to try out Personal Gourmet for a couple of days.

I was hesitant at first. I thought well, we don't have a microwave. How will the food really taste? I wonder if there's preservatives and it would be something I would like and would my readers benefit from this? I reviewed their frozen line and there is also a fresh option. How nice is that?!

Well readers you would. You can use Personal Gourmet for your weight loss goals or if you want to eat healthy and this would make a really great gift for a family.  Personal Gourmet also offers Gluten Free meals.

I have an idea for you.  As I was eating this delicious food I got to thinking how great this would be for new moms.   My sister offered to hire a personal chef as a gift in my early newborn baby days and I wish I had taken her up on the offer.

I loved the food I was eating from Personal Gourmet and when you're a new mom the last thing you want to do or feel like is cooking when it's just you and hubby.
At least I did. I was exhausted, after all I fed on demand, I showered when I could, cleaned when I could and slept when I could.  I don't see anything about me eating.  I'd open the fridge and ate whatever was in there and savoured every last dish my mom made for me.

When I was enjoying my meals from Personal Gourmet I felt very pampered and mothered.  Yes, mothered. It felt as though my mom had me these healthy, yummy meals because it had the homemade gourmet feel to it.  No preservatives or additives, just fresh healthy, delicious food and I didn't want it to end.
Since we're microwave free, I just let the meals thaw and gently reheated them in the oven. Easy and great.
I enjoyed the Barley Pilaf with grilled shrimp with basil pesto & asiago cheese.  The shrimps were plump and big, not those tiny flimsy, soggy shrimps you might get in other ready made meals.  Rose Reisman did not skimp on quality in her prepared foods.  
The chicken in my wild and brown rice was tender and lovely, I loved the mix of dried fruits which I've never thought to do myself.
The salmon was tender and a great portion. A real nice piece of fish and the pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce with the salsa rice...definitely my favorite!

Company Profile on Personal Gourmet:
Personal Gourmet, created by Rose Reisman, is a DAILY food delivery service designed for people who want to eat healthy, great tasting food!
We provide flexibility that works with your lifestyle.  Our programs have no start date, end date or need for consecutive days.
We offer all of the following plans:
Rose Reisman is a well known health and wellness expert, media personality, caterer and author of 17 cookbooks.  We understand and believe that food is all about enjoyment.
So sit back and enjoy! Each meal plan offers a proper balance of the 4 major food groups, based on the Canada Food Guide and American Heart Association.

PERSONAL GOURMET is a result of the combined efforts of Rose Reisman - a well known health and wellness expert, media personality, caterer and author of 17 cookbooks - a team of qualified dietitians, and Dr. David Macklin, one of Canada’s leading weight management physicians.

What else did I get to eat?  Take a look! The picture's speak for themselves. I highly recommend Personal Gourmet. I am so sad I don't have any more meals!


Anonymous said...

I never would of thought.
My sister is going to have a baby and this is genius!

Margaret said...

The food looks really nice.
It's nice to know options.

link within

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