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Friday, March 16, 2012

When two stay at home moms come together besides great friendships developing I am seeing more and more moms join forces and build and create a business together.
That's who is  behind Alphabet Soup .   Two moms who became friends through their husbands decided to turn their passion for craft and their kids into a business!
Alphabet Soup creates personalized one-of-a-kind baby items that you can't live without.

I've had the pleasure to experience it first hand when we received  a sample.  As you know we are way beyond the soother phase but my son had fun playing with it, he also liked that it had his name on it.

If you visit their Facebook page, you'll see lots of photo's of babies with their Alphabet Soup beads and enjoying their soother attached to their onesies.

Have a teething baby? Get an Alphabet Soup Baby beads and attach you teether to it.  We love the ones from Born Free.

We had a cold a little while ago and I'll be honest, I even attached a cloth to it for all his boogies as he ran around played. He knew to use it to wipe his nose and it stayed on!  As I look over to him as I am writing this he is picking his nose, LOL!
I just cut a hole in the corner of the cloth and looped in my Charlie Beads ;) I got tired of using Boogie Wipes (plus I think his reacted to it!) Here is trying to get that booger out.

 Do you babywear?  These clip on to most if not all baby carriers!  Here's an example on our Tula Toddler Carrier.

But here's how we use ours. It's great for sippy cups too!
Why we like it:
  • Smooth, natural wood and simple design
  • Safe 
  • Easy to use
  • Stop having to bend down every 3.567 seconds to pick something up that's been tossed
  • Made in Canada by two Stay at home Moms (love supporting moms!)
Get your own Alphabet Soup Baby Beads today!

Use this code:EMB
and get FREE SHIPPING in Canada!


Anonymous said...

Oooo, those are nice!

Anonymous said...

I love the au natural look of them!
I have t get one to attach to sling.

Anonymous said...

Love the snot rag idea!

Anonymous said...

Baby Grace loves her new Amber teething bracelet:) trying to post a pic from bb!

Canadian Dad said...

Wish I still had babies...oh wait, no I don't lol. These look very cool and would make great gifts!! Thanks!

AnnMarie Brown said...

awwww makes me want to have another baby.

Sober Julie said...

OH this would have been great when my girls were younger

Kathleen said...

Love things like this. I like that this one is wooden beads instead of just a fabric. Is it safe for baby to chew on then?

Great idea with snot rag!

Mama Ash said...

It is safe(double check with Alphabet Soup) but like everything else, one has to be careful.
My son had a similar product from Haba and it was in the mouth all the time ;)

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