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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My glutes are sore because of yesterdays class I was kicking my arse.
We did a lot of cardio yesterday... and from walking lunges to running to sprinting to running with your knee's high and then running with your feet kicking your butt....I am S-O-R-E.

Andrea loves giving me a hard time but I do love her pushes and well, cardio is one of my weakest faults and I hate it. I also hate my midsection.  But we are not allowed to use negativity. As Andrea said, "We are working towards a goal, don't say hate.."

So as I am ready to pass out and give up and I have to switch to walking with my knee's high up and walking with feet kicking my ass to get moving and I was saying to myself...I guess my mantra:

"Get your ass moving...Do it, do it.."
See the little space between my thighs!

I was thinking of recent pictures of me.  Which is huge motivation. I recently did a carrier review for Tula and I included a video and I liked how my legs were beginning to look.  Then I went to a birthday party over the weekend and saw a more svelte me in the background.  I do have 50pounds(so far I've lost inches) I want to lose but there's nothing like motivation and at last weeks class one of the moms said to me:  
"It looks like you've lost some weight!"
Talk about music to my ears and as I was kicking myself in the ass and walking that is what that is what I  was thinking of. Results are coming....

I may feel as though my back is up against the wall as I try to lose weight but it will happen.  I am getting sexy thighs by doing the wall squats.....

Have you checked out FITMOM yet? Her DVD's are wicked.
Next week we'll be sharing more photo's and measurement progress......

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