Kidlandia Blanket, awarded by PTPA Media Inc.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kidlandia got a super website makeover from when I was last there selecting my custom blanket for my seriously lucky little guy thanks to being a Blogholic for PTPA ;)

What is Kidlandia?

It is an American based website where you can build your own kingdom for your child and comes in the form of specially designed blanket.  It's educational, fun and your kiddo is the ruler!
The site can be a tricky to navigate as the main focus is play for the kids.
Simply click on SHOP located at the bottom and you can build your world and get some amazing personalized gifts.
Personalized blankets was our favorite.

Kidlandia Apps for your iPad and iPhone

I loved this feature because my son recognizes it from his blanket and it's fun and .99-$1.99!
Check out Spikanunk's Run {here} and Kreechur Colouring {here}
and here's my son sleeping in PTPA awarded personalized blanket and it's 4pm EST...I think someone will be up past his usual bedtime......sigh......

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