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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

 At Everything Mom and Baby we love baby carriers and we research, follow and know what's new and awesome when it comes to baby carriers.

Today I'd like to introduce to you Tula Baby Carriers.
Tula Baby carriers are designed and manufactured in Poland and there's actually a sweet story as to how Tula Baby came about.  Read it {here}
Tula makes wraps, reversible mei tai' s and soft structured carriersTula Baby carriers can be worn with infants as well.  The infant insert is sold separately and the infant insert includes an integrated harness, which attaches to carrier and has a velcro attachment, which secures your baby to the insert.

I first came across Tula carriers when I saw them post on Kowalli's facebook page and being the baby carrier obsessed mom that I am I visited their website.  I loved the designs and simplicity of it and the Poland connection to my family as my babcia is from Poland.  So being part Polish and Ukrainian I had to pick the Matryoshka carrier as I played with those little dolls when I was just a little girl back home in Winnipeg. 

When I received my carrier, I got the Toddler version which is quite bigger than the standard Tula version.
Standard Measurements: Panel: 39 cm tall & 37 cm wide Toddler Measurements: Panel: 45 cm (18") tall & 48 cm  (19") wide
 First impressions:
  • Nice packaging
  • Comes with a hood
  • Cute little pocket at the base on the waist belt 
  • Breastfeeding friendy
  • Extremely comfortable and great support distribution. For me and my child.
  • When I took the carrier out of the box I loved the quality.  Soft high quality and 100% cotton with ├ľko-Tex Standard 100
  • Padded features on either side of the carrier panel for extra comfort for the child being carried
  • Medium/thin width of the straps with extra padding for extra comfort for the parent
  • Fabulous prints
  • Easy to use, front and back carry option
  • Proper ergonomic "M" position.  The child's knees are slightly higher than the hips
  • Fits petite to plus size as the waist belt can be as small 30inches to as large as 60 inches (measured across from clasp to buckle)
  • Arm straps don't dig in and on the smallest setting measures 11inches(around) and can be loosened to 45 inches.  So there's lots of room for all body types.
 Carrying Comfort and why we LOVE Tula: 
Because I have the toddler version it has a nice wide panel and height so he has ample back support and coverage for a secure and safe fit.
I love the Free to Grow leg extensions (sold separately).  Something I've never seen in a carrier company, which you could use on their standard baby carrier as well.  I love my Tula as it has a chest belt to make back carrying easier, my son loves being carried in it and it's so comfortable, easy, convenient to use and I love the padding on the legs.   Baby carriers are such an essential product to have.  Getting around the city like Toronto makes life much easier.  
Leave the car seat where it belongs!  In the car and carry baby in a carrier.  Why lug it around?  With baby wearing you can travel public transportation much easier and you don't have to avoid rush hour traffic when going on the bus or subway.  I don't know where I'd be if carriers didn't exist.

Here I am with my friends daughter who is 19 months in my Tula Toddler in the front carry position.

    Here's my video with my son talking more about the carrier and it's features and doing a back carry.

    You can use your Tula carrier year round.  It's easy to use and can be worn in two positions.
    Front & Back.
    The only 2 cons about the Tula is you can't do a hip carry and the straps don't criss cross when you choose to do a front carry.
    It fits all body types and the arm straps don't dig... Hoorah!

    I had a friend try on the sample piece, the standard size(the one up for grabs!) of the Tula Baby, smaller than my Toddler Tula.
    Here are her words:
    "Cuddly and love. I felt a better hip distribution instantly and found it very comfortable.   Baby Hazel is also much happier. "
    By "M" position I am referring from the left leg, starting at the foot going up to the knee and then back down to the derriere and than up again to the right knee and then back down to the leg to the foot so it's like a letter "M".  Therefore better for the child being carried as hip and spine are properly aligned.
    To learn more about Tula and it's measurements and specifications, please read {here}
    We love Tula so much, we highly recommend it and give it our:


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    Anonymous said...

    Such a fantastic review! Thank you for review and giveaway!

    Anonymous said...

    You are amazing! How do you find such beautiful carriers and you're right. You are the first to talk about brands we've never heard of and you bring quality carriers and other stuff to us.
    I love it when I see others copy you :)yet never say where they first heard about it and it was through Everything Mom and Baby.
    You rock girl!

    Mama Ash said...

    Aw, thanks so much for the great comments :)
    Good luck in the giveaway!

    Rachel said...

    Awesome review! I love discovering new products!

    Mama Ash said...

    Thanks so much Rachel :)

    Christine @ Mama Papa Barn said...

    Crossing my fingers on this gorgeous carrier.

    One note: the link for the daily entries form is the same as the original form.

    Anonymous said...


    Andrea S

    Juanma said...

    Thank you so much for your review!

    Then, would you recommend me the Tula Toddler or the Tula Baby?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mama Ash said...

    I don't know Juanma. How old and big is your child?

    Juanma said...

    Well he's 14 months and weights around 10 kg. (22 lbs.). I'm not sure if the Toddler would be too big for him...

    Mama Ash said...

    I think you'll be okay with a Tula Toddler. My friend sells them from her store in Sask.
    I won't be getting any stock any time soon as the wait list is 3-5 weeks.

    Check it out, here's a link:

    Juanma said...

    Thanks for your advice :-)

    Great blog, congratulations!

    Mama Ash said...

    Thank you! And I hope you get a TULA :)

    Florencia said...

    I'm looking for a carrier that can still carry my son (now 3+ year-old, 14 kg). I'm initially considering Manduca, but after reading the Tula, I'm starting to cross my mind to Tula, as it seems like it has the toddler carrier that can accommodate young kids with longer legs!

    In your opinion, which one (Manduca or Tula) that can accommodate for longer legs)? And which one has a higher back panel and deeper seat pocket (for the kid to sit in, i mean)?

    Thanks a bunch! :)

    Mama Ash said...

    I would say Tula for sure! As well for longer legs you can get the Free to Grows which I highly recommend :)

    Manju said...

    Although I've seen lots of wonderful reviews of the Tula and the Boba baby carriers... as a plump mama (5'4'' and size 16), I was wondering if there is a difference in comfort between the two? I.E. I have never liked wide belts, so I'm tempted to go for the Boba... any thoughts fellow mommies?

    Weng Rodriguez said...


    Would you know where I can buy the same Matryoshka print Tula in standard or toddler? I know it has been discontinued and Tula does not customize. :(

    Any leads would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    link within

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