Everything Mom and Baby receives Retailer of the Year Award from Eco Nuts!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I recently received an email from Eco Nuts announcing that I was the winner for their Eco Nuts Reatiler of the Year Award and we've been celebrating all week long with a great promo!
Thank you to all my wonderful customers and fans of Everything Mom and Baby for voting for my shop.

 I fell in love with Eco Nuts the first time they washed my diapers. They wiped the stink out of my diapers and I was literally floored. You can read my review {here}.  Because we live in an apartment in Toronto we use the laundry room in our building.  I love that Eco Nuts are anti-microbial so they are my choice for all our laundry needs.  With the help of Calgon to break down the hard water I have nver looked back to the commercial soaps we used to use.

Here's some more info on Eco Nuts in case you are curious.  They do work.

Here you can read my interview with Mona Weiss of Eco Nuts:

Everything Mom and Baby is our Eco Nuts Retailer of the Year! We asked our customers to nominate their favorite Eco Nuts retailer and Everything Mom and Baby won the most votes (nearly 50). This was a big vote as we had nearly 100 individual retailers who were nominated.
I first got in touch with  Erica Ashmore of Everything Mom and Baby before she had a store when she reviewed Eco Nuts on her blog.  Eco Nuts was one of the first products she included when she started her store and she was among our first Canadian retailers.  We’re so proud of Everything Mom and Baby’s success and we’re so happy we could be a part of it!
I interviewed Erica Ashmore of Everything Mom and Baby to see what she’s all about and why her customers love her so much.

EN: What inspired you to start Everything Mom and Baby?
EM&B: Besides being a product junkie and always wanting to a personal shopper or buyer. I love products. I love finding awesome lines to use and write about.
Well, a lot of my favorite products weren’t available in Toronto and I’ve moved from cloth diapers to baby carriers which is my main focus now for the shop.
I want to offer locals better babywearing options, better products and accessories that is something not every other baby store in Toronto has. I’m on a mission to change babywearing in Toronto.  I want to help families find the right carriers and show them how easier it is to get things done while wearing and especially in a city like Toronto. It’s not always stroller friendly. Plus the special bond you’ll have with baby close to you. The sweet smells, kisses, hugs the odd slap on the face and pulling of the hair, LOL! It’s lovely. It so good for you and the child on so many levels.

EN: What was the initial reaction to Everything Mom and Baby when you first opened?
EM&B: I don’t know to be honest. I was personally excited and happy being a SAHM, I wanted to still work and be home. So I had to do something and voila! Here it is.

EN: How do you find and vet products for your store?
EM&B:I research and look for the best.  I look online, see reviews, listen to my readers on my Facebook page and research, research, research.

EN:Why do you think your fans and customers adore you so much?
EM&B: Oh come on. Adored? EM&B???  It’s a lovely thing for you to say and to be honest I don’t know. LOL!
I can’t answer that.  I’m a mom,  just like them and we can all relate. I truthfully can’t answer that.

EN: You’re also a blogger, how did you get started?
EM&B:It all started thanks to Weelicious actually! She had posted on her Facebook page what did you feed you kids for lunch today.
I posted Chicken and Apple fingers. I got a few responses for the recipe so after getting tired of emailing everyone via Facebook. I decided..”Heck. I’ll write it down and start a blog”

EN: What are some of your favorite blogging subjects?
EM&B:It’s pretty much product based.  I don’t share my personal trials and tribulations of mother hood. You can get snippets of me on my Facebook page for Everything Mom and Baby.  But I think people can get a feel for me through my style of writing and the odd thing I’ll share, here and there.
Since having my son it’s all about cloth diapers, baby carriers, organic skin care(being an esthetician before motherhood), eco friendly products, food, books etc…

As a thank you to all of you check out my special!

This week is Everything Mom and Baby week!
If you’re in Canada, you’re super lucky! Use coupon code EcoNuts5 for a $5 discount on any order over $20 between April 9-18th.  There will be free trial sizes of Eco Nuts included with orders this week as well!


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