Fit Mom ~ Easter blast workout & trying not to give up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So...did you resist or gave into Easter treats?  Have a nice glazed ham and wine?
Well, I wasn't too bad.   Well...okay I might have had a few of the Reece peanut butter eggs. The mini ones.  So I wasn't too bad.  After all my vice is wine and chips.

Today was my first hard core work out since last Wednesday and I have to step up. I have lost a couple of inches in the last month of working out with FitMom but I really, really, really have to watch what I eat.

With my working out twice a week and doing some home exercise, not eating that much (coffee anyone?)  I feel I should be more svelte.  I feel as though I am letting myself down and possibly Andrea.  She motivates through out class pushing me to get through it.  I look around the room and am surrounded by healthy, fit moms and I am sweating up a storm.  Big time. I feel like a pig.

When I leave class I do feel better, I feel leaner and really need to step up my game plan because if I don't then what am I doing????

Why is it so damn hard to give up comfort food?  

My thighs are getting stronger, I actually moved my weights up to 5pds and wow.... that was hard.
When I did my Tula review I was really excited by how I looked. I was trimmer but it's my damn mid section I just can't get to budge.  What gives?

I had chips last night.  And wine......... I love FitMom. It's such an awesome experience and work out and I am sabotaging it.  At least that's how I feel.  Reading the below post by Andrea Page of FitMom has helped me realize some things and what I need to do.

Here's Andrea's article on getting your abs back and what moms like me !

                                             Taking the Fad out of Abs for New Moms
                                                                By: Andrea Page

 As any one may note the main thing a new mom isn’t thrilled about is her post baby belly
bulge. It’s often the first thing we hear at FITMOM. How do I get my abs back?
Followed by an exasperated “I’ve being doing 100 sit-ups a day and nothings changing”. 
If you’ve joined the FITMOM community you know the answer already….want a flat
stomach then start revving your big engines.  

Big Engines
What are they? Large muscles that when worked to overload recruit more muscle fibers
for an at rest more toned muscle. This means at rest and during work your muscle is
working and burning fat more effectively! The more toned the muscle the more efficient
the machine. It’s that simple.

Deterrants to Abdominal Fat loss
Lack of sleep - not good news for new moms but a reality around weight loss in general
and as a Swiss study found abdominal weight loss and sleeplessness were connected.
What to do? Go to be early on the nights you know you have workouts to make your new
mom broken sleep add up to something.

Poor diet – Not uncommon for busy new moms the vicious cycle of poor eating can make
even the best workout feel like you took one step forward and two steps back. Poor eating
and missed meals can lead to hypoglycemic indexes dropping and make you feel
desperate for energy. If this is you do some self intervention and do some meal planning
to ensure adequate regular and healthy meals.  

Genetic disposition
. Although this is beyond your control acknowledging where
genetically woman in your family tend to hold their weight and learn about your body
type can help you with perhaps the assistance of a trainer figure out how to best proceed
in cycling your workouts for best results.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy
. What’s done is done. Two things to concern
yourself with are getting started as early as your doctor gives you permission.  The longer
the weight sits there the harder it is to get off. Many moms second time around aren’t as
nervous about exercise and pregnancy and have healthier weight gains. This is good

Core Strength vs flat abdominal
Not one in the same but can work as a team. In terms of fat loss the new mom must refer
to the big engines. Having said that core strength is part and parcel with progressing you
workout intensity. Progressing intensity is needed to see continued results. Core strength
prevents injury, helps increase weight training overload, reduce impact and improve

Fat Burning 
While fat burning zones can be determined by heart rate and age with a simple formula
(220- age x .(.75-.85) there are some key factors to weight loss . The first being that
strength training is a foundational component of creating a healthy body composition low
in fat , high in lean balanced muscle mass . Cardiovascular activity is a paramount aspect
of the endurance you bring to your workouts. Tired new moms will fair much better in
the workouts if they bring to the table an increased energy level spiked by regular
cardiovascular activity.

 How do you deal with lack of motivation when working out? Do you give in to comfort food and end up ruining all the progress you made?


Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Unfortunately, I gave in to the Easter Candy and now I am paying for it - inside and out :(

Canadian Dad said...

I am still eating the leftover candy in our house. Throwing it out just seems wasteful:) I go back to work on Thursday and head right past my desk and into the on site gym...promise!

mamawee said...

I am also still munching on the left over candy/chocolate

joolieoh said...

Dude... I am so glad that you are blogging your wellness journey... the good and bad. keep up the good work-I'm just recently back at the gym and in the same boat, so nice to know I'm not going it alone. I decided after discovering I'm as heavy as I was when I was preggers that enough is enough. Reading your posts will be good motivation for me. As for easter- I had too much gravy on the potato casserole and ironically lost 3 pounds. And I have been struggling with the weight loss since I started diet/exercise two months ago. What what??? I'm being told that it's an indication that I'm not getting enough calories in a day. I don't know... seems you can't win, even when you are avoiding easter eggs.

Mama Ash said...

Joolieoh you rock! Thank you for making my day.
I am going to try no carbs for while and see if that makes a difference.
My mid section is the hardest...when I try on pants it so bad yet a reminder to stop dicking around, LOL!
I totally am under 2000 calories a day yet nothing...Lets hope we win together!

Anonymous said...

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