Making Ukrainian Easter eggs in 3 minutes!

Monday, April 2, 2012

We just made these last night and boy did it bring it back memories from my childhood!  Did take hours? No!  Here's what I'm going to show you so you and the kidlets can have fun making Ukrainian Easter Eggs(Pysanky) and trust me, the kids will love doing this,love playing with them and admiring them.  It's a great way to share culture.

You can either hard boil them first if you plan on eating them, leave them raw as the yolk will eventually dry out or if you have a nifty little gadget, you can blow the yolks out. I do that with my traditional pyskanka's.

Guaranteed if you live in a major city in Canada, possibly the USA too you might have a Polish, Russian or Ukrainian area or market.
I picked up a whole bunch of these sleeves at a Polish deli for decorating eggs this year.  Because it's written in cyrillic you might not be so inclined to pick these up but it's super easy and I'll show how it's done.
The sleeves cost may $1.99 and there's 6-8 sleeves in a package.

The Sleeves:

The Eggs
The Sleeves out of the package and need to be cut. Your older child can carefully cut each sleeve
Cut the sleeve and place around the egg before submerging it into hot water. Slightly boiled with a 1tblsp of vinegar
Place in hot water and watch the cellophane type material shrink around the egg
  Simmer for 3 minutes or so and lift out.
Voila, beautiful Pysanky's.  Try dying them before putting the sleeves on too.

A beautiful gift to give this Easter to your friends and families and economical.

It is custom to say "Krystos Voskre's"(Christ has risen) as we exchange pysanky and the reply is "Voistyno Voskres" (Indeed he has risen)


Veronica Lee said...

How pretty!!

I pinned this!!

Mama Ash said...

Thanks so much Veronica!

Kathleen (aka Callista) said...

Those are really nice! I've made real Ukranian Easter Eggs, they are fun but yes, time consuming. This would be great if you were teaching a younger crowd about other cultures and how they celebrate Easter. Thanks.

Mama Ash said...

I'll be making more of these and traditional ones too.
I just found my kit was week and yay, I still have beeswax!
I think all week will be posts on eggs and using natural dyes as well.
I have to get some beets for that.

Deanna T. said...

We had egg sleeves like that when i was a child, but never such beautiful ones. I love the idea of duplicating the classic Ukrainian style egg. I am SO hitting the European deli in search of these this week.

Did you know Canada said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing

Mom vs. the boys said...

oh those are so pretty, love it

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Very pretty and so simple to make.

Canadian Dad said...

Very cool! I didn't know what to write about these but my wife was standing behind me and got all excited, lol. Now we're planning on how to make Ukranian eggs, hahaha.

Kathryn Lavallee said...

I love these and had no idea they were so easy! Thanks for sharing this Erica! :)

Jenn said...

Those are truly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oooooh pinned!

Andrea S

Mama Ash said...

Thanks Doll!

jodi @ rantsnrascals said...

omg this reminds me of grandma and my dad. We are German and its' how we use to do eggs all the time. Those are so pretty, thanks for the share!

Mama Ash said...

@Jodi, I remember the Germans too!
We have the German dyes but the German sleeves were so cute with bunnies on them and such :)

AnnMarie Brown said...

those are beautiful!!! I need to colour eggs this week sometime.

Whispered Inspirations said...

WOW, these are AWESOME. I love how intricate the detail is! :D

Positively Pampered Patty said...

Those are so pretty and boy I was so surprised to see that there weren't painted! lol I was thinking you were Picasso!

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