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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remember that extra bounce your hair had when you were pregnant? Your skin was glowing and you you were beaming.  At least my hair, skin and nails were at its best!  Thank you estrogen and adrogens and all that other good stuff.

Post partum which no one really tells you about is how dry you become...My nails changed, my skin changed and my hair. Ick. I have never had dry skin like this.
My hair wouldn't colour right, it went from bouncy and wavy to super straight and dry super dry. I assume  because my son sucked everything out of me to make him perfect, LOL!
I do joke that he  sucked everything out of me and left my body bone dry starving for minerals.

Every product that I've tried never left my hair nourished enough. My hair was my biggest issue as it lacked luster, it was static and just didn't look all that good.

I recently got to review Live-Cleans Professional series. It has changed my hair. Finally, something that works.  I actually am in love with Bali Oil series, its restorative and brings shine to my hair.  It smells amazing and it's all I use now. 

Live Clean Professional Series

The four product Live Clean Professional Damage Therapy Collection -- Damage Therapy Shampoo, Damage Therapy Conditioner, Damage Therapy Restoring Spray and Damage Therapy Split End Cream (which is probably the best I've tried because since motherhood I don't when I got my last hair cut!)Live Clean’s exclusive Vita-Bond Complex™ a combination of essential vitamins and nutrients with a bonding vegetable derived technology that seals damaged cuticles, improves hair strength and texture and mends split ends. The unique formulation enhances moisture retention with no heavy buildup and increases resistance to breakage. I have fine hair and it didn't weigh me down at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

The key ingredients include Indonesian 100% pure Kendi Oil, rich in essential fatty acids(something that my son also zapped from me), which adds luster and moisture; Avocado which strengthens and protects against  harmful environmental factors and Quinoa, the grain whose proteins both bind and take reparative benefits deep into the hair shaft. In addition, Live Clean Damage Therapy contains Vitamins C to protect, B5 to moisturize and E to invigorate, for a healthy looking scalp. With continued use, results are quickly visible. Hair fibers are smoothed, shine is increased and conditioning is long lasting. 

The two piece collection, Healthy Balance Shampoo and Healthy Balance Conditioner is designed to cleanse and exfoliate down to the roots with active, natural ingredients that create a foundation for a healthy looking scalp and well-nourished hair.  Exclusive Vita- Bond technology combines vitamins, nutrients and vegetable derived technology to improve hair strength and texture to promote thicker fuller hair.  Enriched with Olive and Coconut Oil to moisturize and nourish dry hair and scalp. Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil energizes and invigorates the scalp while Willow Bark removes excess buildup.  Something I have, especially the dry scalp.

So what did I like about all of this?
  • The scent is what I first noticed as I opened the bottle. I love the non synthetic smell of the line
  • No unnecessary chemicals(it's 96% plant derived, pthalate free and paraben free and organic ingredients are used)
  • I used Healthy Balance first and loved how it felt as I washed, it deep cleaned and left my hair looking healthy.  I don't leave the conditioner in my hair because it is so fine so I just apply, work it in and rinse. My hair greases up really easily so a little goes a long way.
  • Because I have dyed my hair in the past and with post partum hair it's double dry.  The Damage Therapy collection gave me the hair I had when pregnant.  I thought it would be too rich, but it wasn't! I am sold.
    Shine, luster and fullness. I was amazed.
  • Ingredients are locally sourced as well and never tested on animals.
  • My hair didn't feel heavy or greasy even the next day.
  • I use the Professional series as a treat, a little pick me up.  My daily routine is now with the Bali Oil collection from LiveClean. 
So what does all this mean for you? Well if your hair is need of some serious TLC, check this out. The brand itself is quite affordable(under $10) and can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart etc....

However....we could offer you the whole Professional series valued at $60!
Live Clean is generously providing one lucky blog subscriber the complete set!
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Stephen said...

i could use these hair care products!!! i just finished washing my hair and thought time to chop my super long locks...maybe i will win and my hair will be saved

i follow you under stephen froese


Conny Mc said...

Would love to try the professional products.

link within

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