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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ever wonder who are the actors behind this adorable cartoon, Stella & Sam? Watch the clip and find out!  This behind the scenes video is really nice to watch!

What we liked about the DVD:
If you know about Stella and Sam, Stella is the big sister and has something to say about everything with quite the imagination.  Sam her little brother is like sponge absorbing all of Stella's stories and with the Follow Me DVD set you get to enjoy 6 beautiful and endearing episodes.
We loved watching all the episodes and there's also 2 bonus episodes.  Sam the Snowman and Stella's Circus.  Stella and Sam is one of my favorite children show's.  Always leaves you with a nice feeling and the animation is sweet and whimsical.

Coming on DVD, April.10. 2012
Dino Dan Ready Set Dino {view here}
Stella and Sam Follow Me

 Dino Dan is the Gemini Nominated Canadian TV show which has been a big success both here in Canada but also the USA! The show airs on Nick Jr south of the border. This fun and educational show for kids will be stomping onto DVD April 10th  Now kids can watch their favourite paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he and his friends, uncover clues about the past and secrets of the dinosaurs!

What we liked about the DVD:

My son loves both shows. There are 5 stories are included in Dino Dan and it's nice to see my 3 yr old recognize and learn more about the dinosaurs he already loves. It's "action" packed and fun to watch.
Have a dinosaur lover in your household? I am sure you already know about Dino Dan.

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Mama Lisa said...

My two older boys who are 12 and 6 love Dinosaurs so Dino Dan would be perfect for them. My 21 month old just started watching Stella and Sam. He gets excited and points at the tv when they come on. LOL

Thanks for the chance to win.

lcgauci at rogers dot com

flowerchild said...

My daughter loves stella and sam , she likes to read the books and watch the t.v show.

Rianne said...

We love to read stella and sam, would to win it on dvd so we can see it as well as read.

mean green mom said...

My daughter has never seen it, we dont have cable. It looks great though, and she is crazy about dinosaurs so I'm sure she would love it.
Thanks for the chance

Aleasha said...

My son has never seen this, but being a typical boy he loves dinosaurs. I'm sure he would love this!

aperry said...

my son likes dino dan... he likes all of the dinos... I don't think we have seen stella & sam.

Bree said...

My boys LOVE Stella and Sam, it is one of their fave shows. We have never seen Dino Dan but I think the would enjoy it because they love dinosaurs!

breej23 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Not yet! Looks like fun though.


Lisa KH said...

We haven't seen the show yet but I've read about it and it sounds like it's fun and interesting for kids!

weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways said...

My boy loves Stella and Sam-- I think Stella is really engaging for him since he's an only child and loves to follow older kids around. We've only seen Dino Dan once but he was captivated by the dinosaurs!

link within

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