Nutritional Consult with Zen Beginnings ~ Is my thyroid to blame for my stubborn weightgain and not letting me shed the weight?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

 I have just gone to my first Nutritional Consult over at Zen Beginnings.  Sometimes things come to you when you least expect and little blessings occur.

I have been struggling lets just say with my mid section.

In my consult yesterday with Marina Zelenovic, B.Sc, CNP, RNCP, RHOP we went over my health history, my diet or lack of a proper diet.  I skip breakfast all the time and have coffee.  I also skip starting my day with warm water and lemon.  A good way to kick start my liver into a gentle detox.
Cortisol, good 'ol cortisol is my stress hormone also contributes to my mid section.

We discussed so many things but something that I never thought that could be the culprit with all the exercise I do is that my thyroid could be the root cause of it all.
I do FitMom 3 times a week, I walk everywhere, I don't eat that badly when I do.  I usually have a couple of bites of what Charlie is having, some wine at night when I am cooking and when I put my feet up.  I haven't touched Miss.Vickies in ages.  I love Kettle Chips!

I did an iodine test on my wrist just as I left, 3-4 hrs later it was gone.   Marina rubbed some iodine on me and usually it should disappear the next day.  So because mine vanished relatively quickly  it was a sign that I am deficient in iodine which is what is needed to have a functional thyroid that works efficiently.
Bring on the seaweed treats! So to further assess my possible low thyroid function I have to do thermometer testing which begins the second of my period, so we have to wait a week.

So the plan for now is protein shakes in the morning with a variety of fruits, milks, greens, seeds, oils and optional cocoa nibs, spirulina, nori, kelp.....

So tomorrow is my first day starting breakfast with warm water & lemon and then having protein shakes.  I'll be snacking on seaweed and add them to my shakes as well.

Lets see if getting my thyroid in check will help melt away this stubborn weight! I hope you'll tune in to my posts as I share my experience with you in getting back in shape which some of all struggle with and we moms tend to put us last. Health is important and I am looking forward to be working with zen beginnings, every city, town should have a little zen of their own.

Where is zen beginnings? This little haven for moms and babies is located at:

697 Mt.Pleasant Ave, Toronto,ON 
(416) 480-9366
Got a question?
Email: info@zenbeginnings


Emma Cunningham said...

You ARE also planning on getting a blood test and getting on medication if necessary, right? A dysfrnctional thyroid is dangerous if untreated.

Mama Ash said...

Don't worry Emma! I am going to try this route and once I take my temperature (if my period) comes :P
I am in good in hands here and trust Marina.

Fab Frugal Mama said...

I also have a thyroid deficiency and take daily medication for it. This approach seems interesting to me... thanks for the info.

Mama Ash said...

I just bought some seaweed to snack on and I could not get enough it, it's like I was starving for it and it was such a good snack, clearly my body needed it. It replaces my need for chips...for now ;)
It's a natural approach so I am looking forward to seeing if my body can readjust and fix itself. I hope you'll follow along fab frugal mama :)

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