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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something new is coming!  Underrated and not very well known like other wraps, though through reading blogs and discovering them from my friends in Europe I like to find unique products and high quality products to offer to those in Toronto and the rest of Canada.   You will love this wrap as it's nicely made and has quite the brand loyalty over seas.  There's really no need to "break them in" from what many have said.

Who is easycare?
They are a mom and daughter team!
Well it makes sense now why easycare is different than other wraps and explains their design.  Ulrike (mum) who is trained in fashion and textiles started easycare in 1996 in Vienna, Austria.  Ulrike has been carrying her daughters since the early 80's and in 2004 her daughter, Konstanze trained in fashion as well joined her mom and has turned easycare into an international business.  Knowing their trained professions in fashion explains a lot on how easycare is designed.
Ulrike and Konstanze
photo courtesy of easycare circa 1982
easycare is designed and woven in Austria with the wrap width measuring about 72 cm. As mentioned below they are soft and their special easycare Classic Wraps are made from fine cotton twill and have, like all other easycare wraps, a woven and double hemmed selvage on both sides, which makes a stable piece of wrap. They come in a variety of colours and 3 basic groups of sizes that offer a variety in length.
easycare #24, photo courtesy of easycare
What's lovely about using wraps is you can use them from the first day you hold your baby in your arms to the their first day of school. Completely versatile!

Wraps have a high resale value, they can be used as an actual hammock or a blanket like my son likes to do or converted into other carriers.
You can wrap in different ways, carry facing in, on the hip and back.
Wraps in general come in different lengths, widths as well. Some a shorter and thinner and some are thicker and longer.  Buying a wrap is based on your size as well.
Longer lengths offer the opportunity for a more supportive carries and short wraps are great for quicker tie and summer wearing.

What makes easycare different compared to other wraps?
Well I think it's their distinctive design in the way they weave the cotton for their signature look.  An easycare wrap also uses colours I've never really seen in some brands, especially in wovens.  Like using black.  Their designs I'd day is chic, simple and kinda like high fashion meets babywearing. 

I like the drawstring bags they come in as well, very nice packaging.  easycare comes in sizes 2.3 which is their pocket wrap, meaning it worn like a sling but done with knots made mostly for a simle hip carry.
Their Quick Fix wraps come in sizes  3.7 & 4.2.  They are like the classic but made for petite frames and there is the Classic Babywraps 4.7 and 5.2.  This size offers more wrapping techniques/options to the wearer.
Being a size 16 working my way down to a 12/14, I use the Classic Babywrap in size 5.2.  It still leaves me with a lot of material to get wrapping down like learning the double hammock carry.  I am still trying to learn all the wrapping methods and learn the lingo, I cannot wait for my baby doll to come since it's taking a little while to conceive.

The material is light and breathable, it's cotton and soft from the get go when you pull it out of the bag.
They are thin but not too thin and has a nice ease, maybe due to the weaving as you get to know the wrap when you it try out with your favorite wrapping technique.  I do like it better than my Didymos Waves Elder material wise actually, function wise it's the same. My easycare just seems to have a nicer look and is wider and thinner. Nice for summer babywearing.

To get a better look of the Rainbow wrap check out this video by Justine LewNa as she incorporates rings into her carry.

At a recent babywearing meeting I had a mom try out my easycare #9 and here's what she had to say:
I find the easycare thin and light compared to other wovens. It passes and ties really easily with a small knot. It's light and airy and supportive, and provides a fair amount of cushiony support on the shoulders. This wrap is wider than any other wrap I had which makes it easy for a novice wrapper to back wrap, and makes it easy for a toddler. ~Michelle
and when we had our GTA babywearing walk last month here's what another mom had to say:
Wearing the easycare woven wrap was an illuminating experience! I have been carrying my 8 month old son in a stretchy wrap made of organic cotton since birth and I was perfectly happy with this wrap, until I experienced using a woven wrap – that is! I was able to secure my son to my back by myself in a firm carry that didn’t give during the entire duration of our walk. The position that I had my son in, distributed his weight evenly across my back and down my legs. Truth be told, I felt no pressure in any part of my back, even my lower back! This was surprising as I carried him for nearly two hours without a break and I was typically used to feeling it after this amount of time in my lower lumbar when using my stretchy wrap. I highly recommend this wrap to any momma out there looking for a more comfortable way to carry her little one. Try it out! You won’t regret it! ~Naima
So I hope you've enjoyed this introduction on easycare and that if you are looking for a new wrap to try or need a summer wrap try Easycare.
                                                              Happy Babywearing!
easycare#16, cream, beige & grey


Torviewtoronto said...

convenient and cute wrap

Heather-Lynn Kirton said...

Ordered my beloved Rainbow! CanNOT wait for it to arrive!

Gia said...

I've been lusting over the rainbow #1 since day one- just can't convince my husband that I need another carrier. I also love that back carry with the loose rings! Must try it out!

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