A review on TULA & Boba Soft Structured Carriers ~ by Emma Otsuki

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Often I am asked what is the difference between Boba and Tula.  There are a few differences like the padding on the sides of the panels in TULA.  TULA is made in Poland and Boba is made in China(for those who like to know those kind of things) and the biggest difference I seem to hear is the comfort.
Boba 3G has a purse strap enclosure as well to prevent your bag from slipping. You can read my review on the new 3G here.
You can also read my Tula Toddler with video review here. Not to confuse, the review below is Emma using the Standard size Tula carrier in the print, Folk Birds to compliment the comparable sizing to Boba 3G, style is called Glacier for a fair review & comparison. 

So I kindly asked Emma from our Toronto Babywearing group to review the two and share her experience. I will say looking at the pictures below I prefer the positioning in Tula over Boba.  Can you see the subtle difference? In  Tula, her son seems to have more of the "M" position  and because Tula is wider, the material sits under his legs to give him that comfy seating position.  I think that's what the beauty is with wraps is material is always under the knee so you have the great position. In my opinion if Boba's width was wider he would have that great position too.
Both carriers are great for their own reasons but you can feel the difference when you try Tula ~ Erica, EM&B

I was looking for a new carrier to carry my 25 pound 18 month old over the summer, and Erica kindly offered to let me try the Boba and Tula so I could compare them. Both carriers are baby sized, and both have excellent features.

The Boba was really comfortable for back carries. I don’t often take the stroller when I use public transport in Toronto, and I was able to take my son out all afternoon and evening without feeling uncomfortable. Although it’s not recommended to put a 25 pound baby on your front, I still enjoy snuggling my son this way, especially when he is sleepy. I had my son on my front for a 10 minute walk and 20 minute subway ride home, and by the end of that short trip my shoulders were very sore. The shoulder straps had cut into my shoulders because of the piping the Boba has for the sliding chest strap.
One of the best features about the Boba is that the chest strap is on a sliding toggle. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s amazing! On other carriers the chest strap also slides, but you have to tug it up and down. I once hurt my arm very badly by tightening the shoulder straps without shifting the chest strap, but if that ever happened with the Boba you’d be able to fix it super quickly. As I said above though, if you carry a big baby on your front the piping might cut into your shoulders because it’s not soft.
 The Tula was really lovely to use. It is comfortable to use with my big baby on the front and back. I get a little tired if I walk a long time with my son on my front, but it is never painful in the Tula. It’s also really comfortable to wear my son on my back. I always need my carriers to be close to the smallest setting, and I like that the Tula has little straps on the top of the shoulder straps to cinch things in even tighter. If you are a petite person the Tula should fit you very well. I also like that the Tula feels like you are giving your baby a big hug, but hands free! It is the snuggliest carrier I have ever tried. After trying this baby sized Tula I ended up buying the toddler sized Tula, and it is fabulous. We took our son out on a day trip to Riverdale Farm in Toronto without taking the stroller, and my son was able to take a nice nap on my back! It was great and comfortable to use even for that length of time.
 One very important thing you should know about the Tula carriers is they have incredibly cute fabrics! There is something for everyone. I recommend that you check out their website (www.babytula.com ). You’re sure to find something you love! Boba has some colourful prints, but their strength is the basic dark colours that a dad might like to use.
Both the Tula and the Boba have innovative ways to help you use your carrier for longer. Tula sells nifty leg extenders so that your baby can sit comfortably with his knees up even in the toddler years, and the Boba includes stirrups that also attach to sliding toggles and can keep even a five year old child in a comfortable seated position. The photos you see in my post are of my 25 pound 18 month old using both carriers without leg extenders or stirrups. Even without them he sits quite comfortably at this age.
Both Boba and Tula are great carriers with great features, but the cute prints and comfortable front carry of the Tula make it the winner in my eyes!
You can find Emma blogging over at her own site, called Reversible Destiny


Emma Cunningham said...

That's pretty much exactly how I feel about the Boba. I'll have to try a Tula at some point.

keea said...

Hello :) I like your side by side review, it was very helpful as I own a Boba 2G but I am finding it less comfortable for my 2.5 yr old toddler. He doesn't like to keep his feet in the loops at all so his legs sag and get red marks. the 2G only has a width of 12" I think I measured and many toddler carriers have wider seats (and Tula has the extenders as you mentioned :) ) I am going to consider a switch to a Tula thanks to your review :)

Mama Ash said...

I'm glad my post could help Keea!
Check out my first review on Tula toddler. It's very detailed and there's a video.

Mondays with Mac said...

Great review Emma!

link within

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