My personal experience diapering twins. It ain't too bad #MomTrust

Monday, April 28, 2014

I truly envisioned I'd be cloth diapering my twins.  I cloth diapered their big brother but that was only one bum to change and one load of laundry to keep up with.  Going down to the laundry room wasn't that much of a daunting task as it is now and I had figured out the science of washing cloth diapers.  I was so ready to cloth my girls.  Then they came!

With the twins.....well I tried cloth diapering here and there.  Size was a factor as they were tiny.  In fact I still have fabulous cloth diapers to review from Lil Helper! Which is beyond delayed but with cleaning two bums, little to no sleep of trying to keep up with my newborns, oh and my husbands refusal to wash cloth diapers well the laundry room now seems too far.  I'll be honest I just couldn't do it.  If we had a stacked washer and dryer in our suite I am sure I'd have no problem. Heck, I can't even get around to doing regular laundry!  I felt awful and like a hypocrite. I was always talking about cloth diapers and now I was just too tired to do it.

What has diapering twins been like?  It ain't too bad.  Crazy at times. Well....thank goodness for the convenience of disposable diapers.  In my dazed 1am feeding times 2....then 3am feeding times 2...Being half asleep I do like the ease of change and toss.  Mind you I know All in One cloth diapers are just as easy but don't forget... their size and laundry was the main issue of not cloth diapering.  I already knew which brands I'd use for changing my girls in disposables.  It had to be green, the GMO free corn is a bonus, they had to be biodegradable and the brands I love are Delora and Naty Diapers.  Naty diapers are my favourite next to the PC Green brand too.

It's double the work and double the fun... Well....maybe not that fun but double the "No! Don't touch that! That's your sisters dirty diaper!!!!" 
I also really appreciated the not rolling over phase. Having two rolling over is a nightmare with diaper change.  I mean what the heck? Why is it that all of a sudden once they figure out how to roll over when it comes to changing their diaper you have to be Speedy Gonzalez?  From legs kicking me in the chest(when your breasts are full a swift kick hurst!) to wiggles and back arches it's like they are saying "Get me outta here!" and believe me...I don't want to be here either.  When husband comes home from work I pass all the diapering duties on to him.  My son was never this wiggly.  I've gotten poop on my fingers trying to grab the diaper so the other twin doesn't dart to it to being peed on.

For some reason they are fascinated by diapers.  Now that the twins are more mobile they are even more so fascinated with each others time to change.  It never fails.  I'll be changing Banana and Sugar will come along and touch and look and try to take the dirty diaper and vice versa.  God forbid I am with one twin over the other.  Don't even get me started on breast feeding.  Sugar will make Banana unlatch and go right in where Banana left off!  That's a whole other story.

So it's double the work and double the cost. What are my diapering tips?

- Have everything ready and with in reach
- Look online for coupons and deals
- Have a sense of humour. 
- Put one twin in the playpen so you can change safely and quickly.  Or like me let them watch and let them grab everything you need ;)
- We skipped on the change table.  We change where ever and have diapers and wipes in every room!

                                      Always on the go. These little bums never stop moving!

Enlighten me. Do you have any funny diapering stories? Any one roll off the couch yet? We've come close!

Disclosure: I am part of the MomTrust campaign with Playtex. All opinions are my own.
Disclosure: I am part of the Playtex Mom Trust program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own....

Read More at ©
Disclosure: I am part of the Playtex Mom Trust program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own....

Read More at ©


Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

I kinda miss the diapering days with my twins. Just the cute little tushies! lol
I found the cost for diapering twins not too bad actually, if you learn where to shop and how to use coupons and sales!

Raijean said...

I know you say it ain't bad but it sure does seem bad! I guess once you get used to it it's ok.

Melissa Pezza said...

I give you a lot of credit! It takes a lot of work but I suppose you get through it:)

Everything Mom and Baby said...

When you become a mom of multiples you just go for it. It's amazing how we can adapt. I'd rather have 2 bums to change than just the 1. It's stinky crazy fun with twins. # positivity is key.

A Mom's Take said...

I keep diapers and wipes in every room, too. Huge time and sanity saver!

Kas said...

It's been years since we've been in the diapering phase,but I can't imagine having multiples and going through it. Good for you!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Man oh man! I can't imagine twin bums :) I do watch my nephews so I have 4 under 3 Monday-Friday so I feel your "pain" :) Great tips!

Little Miss Kate said...

You are a super mama!!! I am going to have 2 in diapers in the fall - an (almost 2 yr old) and a new born and I am already not looking forward to it.

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