Now for Mothers Healing Mix ~ Post pregnancy healing support

Moms and moms to be. I only have two things to say.  Get this.  Pack it in your hospital bag, make my Energy Balls, add it your baby registry.  This is amazing for post partum health to restore your body and build the essential nutrients you need to get back on your feet and to make beautiful milk.
Healing Mix is such a unique product to come to the post recovery market that I feel hospitals should have this stocked and given to moms post partum.  If you know a mom who has given birth we often bring a gift for baby but don’t forget mom! Bring her a bag of Healing Mix by Now for Mothers
What is Healing Mix?

It provides:

  • Emotional Wellness: A good source of Omega’s3! Important for moms cognitive function and sleepless nights.
  • Cognitive Wellness: Healing mix provides mom with much needed glycogen reserves for the brain.
  • Physical Wellness: By taking Healing Mix you are improving your tissues, developing immunity and wound healing.
  • Infant Wellness: For the lactating mom this gives through your breast milk your baby a good source of fat and calcium.  Essential for brain development.
How do you take it?

Any way you’d like.  I roll a banana in it, I dip a banana in it, I add it to smoothies, I eat from the spoon.  It’s delicious!  But recently I made my own version of Energy Balls.  Because having something sweet to munch on through out the day can be my healthy life saver!

You can also visit Now For Mothers and see how other bloggers incorporated Healing Mix into their diets.
I find that its removal of excess estrogen interesting.  Something I struggle with and the extra estrogen is removed by the lignins in the flax when compounded with the melon seeds. Amazing!

The ancient ritual includes reciting this powerful mantra with each serving:

‘I have no worries when I feel you are with me. You have provided me with everything to keep me happy’.

Everything Mom and Baby’s Healing Mix Energy Balls

10 pitted dates
5 dried organic apricots (no suplhates)
1 cup of Healing Mix
( feel free to add coconut, cocoa…..)
Soak pitted dates for a couple of hours in room temperature water.  If you’re pressed for time use boiled water.  
In your food processor or blender throw in the dates and Healing Mix and blend.  In my Blendtec it took just a few seconds.  You can adjust the consistency by adding the water you soaked the dates in.
Scrape out the yummy goodness and form into balls.  Refrigerate and there you go! It’s not too sweet and it’s a healthy snack on the go or something to make and bring for your friend who is a new mom.
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Where to Buy Healing Mix?

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  1. Kelly Hutchinson | 2nd Jun 14

    It is so important for new moms to take care of themselves. What great tips and products to help her along with this.

  2. Jennifer Medeiros | 2nd Jun 14

    So often new moms are so focused on their new baby they forget about taking care of themselves. This sounds like a great product to help new moms get healed and healthy for taking care of that new baby!

  3. Melissa Pezza | 2nd Jun 14

    Great post! I am getting ready to get into baby mode in the next few weeks! This is so important!

  4. Melissa | 2nd Jun 14

    I would have loved to have this after my pregnancies – it is so important for new moms to take care of themselves.

  5. KathleenKL | 3rd Jun 14

    it’s really important to take care of yourself as a new mom so you can take the best care of your baby-thanks for bringing awareness to this

  6. Debbie Kee | 3rd Jun 14

    This is the first time I’ve come across a “must-have item” for post birth that isn’t about what to wear, what baby should wear, books to read, and snacks to nibble on. This is perfect as it really is about taking care of the new mama and how to keep her healthy. I’ll be sure to pack this up for next time!

  7. Maya Fitz | 3rd Jun 14

    This is honestly one of the tastiest / good for you items that’s great for both pregnancy and postpartum. I love your recipe. Thanks for sharing

  8. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel | 3rd Jun 14

    This looks like a really great product. So wonderful for new moms that it is packaged for ease of consumption in a time when they have little time to look for proper nutrition.

  9. Multi-Testing Mommy | 3rd Jun 14

    I saw this at the Baby Time Show! LOoks GREAT!

  10. Margarita Ibbott - @DownshiftingPRO | 3rd Jun 14

    I have to say, taking care of yourself when you are pregnant is so important. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Jaymi Fillier | 3rd Jun 14

    It is so important for a new mother to take care of and cherish her own body, after the ordeal it has gone through. But so many times we put ourselves on the back burner because we are so enamored with the baby. Thanks for sharing a simple and easy way for moms to care for themselves.

  12. Mary | 6th Jun 14

    This is something I’ll definitely try in a few months, it looks ideal, thanks for sharing it!

  13. Florence Wilson | 10th Jun 14

    This is a great post for pregnant ladies and the post is informative too..We can get lot of maternity related issues from Eumom

  14. Terrie Dawson | 5th Sep 14

    This is a nice product for pregnant ladies, I heard about this product and found it so good. I think every new pregnant lady must have use this product. TY for providing wonderful information.

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