Beyond Beauty Organics for Baby

I love skincare.  So much so that I became an esthetician and it was and still is a passion of mine.  I do miss it but thanks to blogging I get to discover amazing brands and Beyond Beauty Organics is one of them.  I trust a line that discloses its ingredients on their website.  
It is truly organic and you will be happy knowing that there is nothing hidden in the ingredients that will make you think twice.  No ‘greenwashing’ here!  It is a Canadian line, infused with delicious soothing oils to take care of you and your baby’s skin.  I think this is one of my favourite brands of organic skincare lines that I have reviewed.  The quality is where it’s at.  Today is the last day to save 50% on all Beyond Beauty Organics products.

I love the Baby Line.  With newborn skin being so delicate the Baby Tub Tea is perfect to soak in warm water and to gently massage the tea bag over baby’s skin.  It is probably one of the gentlest products I have used on my twins.  Made with soothing oats, calendula and chamomile(which is super relaxing and will help aid in sleep for baby as well) It is a unique product.  Priced at $22, get 50% off while quantities last!


Imagine the scent of infused herbs such as calendula, rose buds and chamomile.  After a soothing bath, I loved the Baby Oil to massage my kids.  Even their big brother liked it.  He said it’s relaxing!  I love it for the high quality, the hydration and I even use it as a serum for my face. I love the  soft, gentle aroma and richness in the Vit E.  Priced at $17, while quantities last, get 50%!
Baby-Oil-74_largeMy go to balm is the Healing Balm.  I use it for everything.  From rashes to first aid to my dry ankles and cuticles this is truly a universal balm.  Made with nourishing ingredients to treat and soothe Marshmallow is magical in it’s benefits.  It’s one of my favourite herbs.  It aids in treating the skin with eczema and dermatitis.   Evening Primrose oil is another amazing essential fatty acid it contains a high amount of GLA’s making it remarkably healing.  Because it helps with elasticity of the skin you can rub the Healing Balm over your growing belly and after for healthy belly skin that will maintain its elasticity.  Priced at $22, get 50% off while quantities last!


My go to product that is always on me is the Baby Balm.  If it’s not in the bathroom it is in my bag.  My girls love watching me wash my face and put on make up.  They are growing way too fast and they want to do what I do.  When they try to copy and well… cry because they want something that is out of reach like my blush,  I take out my balm and I sweep it on their nose, cheeks and lips.  They are happy and it’s a great, safe product for them to feel like “mama”.   Before we head out because it’s been a windy winter and spring and it’s important to protect their thin skin from the cold too.  It’s their little way of being pampered.  My son’s lips are dry at times and I use this for him too.   I also love that it doesn’t get grainy like shea butter because instead of shea, Beyond Beauty Organics used Beeswax.  Which I love.  I find it much better than shea and honey is nature’s antibiotic.  We’ll be in Winnipeg this summer and it’s the land of mosquitoes so this will also help those itchy bites! It’s a superb barrier.  Priced at $13 get 50% for a limited time and while quantities last.


Beyond Beauty Organics is getting a makeover so all products are 50% off! !  Stock up while you can, buy some gifts and get some goodies for yourself.  I’ll be doing another review on their skincare line for Mom so stay tuned as I’ll be revealing their new look and we’ll have a giveaway but in the mean time, 50% off is an amazing price on high quality, effective and much loved organic skincare.

*Please note the 50% off sale is over

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  1. Brandee H | 30th Mar 16

    Sadly, I think it has already ended. But I had never heard of this brand before, so it was good to see what products they offer. I would love to try their facial oils!

    • Erica | 31st Mar 16

      I am so glad you figured it out with the promo code 🙂 ENJOY! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me as a blogger when there is an ROI from my blog posts. That’s what makes me the happiest when I blog. xx

  2. Brandee H | 30th Mar 16

    Discovered the code!! 🙂 Just putting an order in! So excited! Sorry for double comment!!!

  3. kathy downey | 5th Apr 16

    Thanks for the review,i love that this is Canadian and 100% organic i love skincare lines like this.

  4. Cheryl | 5th Apr 16

    I love this product line! I find organic products are the only ones that don’t make my little guy break out in eczema

  5. Carole Dube | 5th Apr 16

    Great review. I love that it is Canadian and organic. These product are everything baby needs.

  6. Wanda Tracey | 6th Apr 16

    Thank you for the great review.I love that these products are made in Canada and have natural ingredients in them.I will be placing an order soon.

  7. Silvia D | 8th Apr 16

    sound like absolutely wonderful products! Thank you for the review, love discovering new products! Will be perfect for my little step grandkids!

  8. Nicky | 9th Apr 16

    Looks like a great product line for baby! Looking forward to seeing your review of the mommy products, too. I like supporting Canadian companies.

  9. Victoria Ess | 27th May 17

    My SIL would love this!

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