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Let’s talk bath time! What are some tips for a smooth bath time with the kids? I have a couple of must have products to mention along with tips for a happy bath time with your child.  Start with playing their favourite tunes and grabbing some Duplo Lego for bath play and music wise my tots love Caspar Baby Pants and at night bathtime, chill out to the melodies of Essie Jain, Until the Light of Morning is such a beautiful song.

1. The water.  My kids are all about temperature and setting the right temp is key to a successful and tear free bath time.
The Fish Bath thermometer is great tool for figuring out the right temp as the ideal temp for babies is 37-38C which is around body temperature.  

2. The product.  I am a big fan of Beauty Counter kids skincare.  From hair to body wash to moisturising.   My gal Jillian has all your baby skincare needs and you can be sure that you are buying non toxic skincare.  The Baby Collection is one of my favourites.


3. CuddleDry SeaSponge.  Cuddledry’s natural ocean sponge is perfect for washing babies and tots and their lovely skin, as it goes incredibly soft when immersed in water.  My twins love playing and washing with their sea sponge.  
Don’t worry, these 
Sponges have been ethically sourced from the sparkling blue seas of the Philippines and ethically sourced from a carefully managed culture farm run by generations of the same family in the Philippines.  This nNatural sponge is highly absorbent (up to 30 times its weight!) and has a very low PH so ideal for sensitive little ones.

4. Dry time. We love our CuddleDry Pony Toddler towels from Childish Notions and the infant CuddleDry needs to be added to your baby registry.  Made with Cuddledry’s signature blend of incredibly soft and fluffy bamboo and cotton towelling, the Cuddlepony will always stay soft however often you wash it.  The bamboo is natural, absorbent, and super soft for even the most sensitive skin.  Made with natural bamboo fibre and pure cotton – silky soft, 60% more absorbent than pure cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality stays soft after every wash.  We love the  generous size that keeps our girls wrapped up cosy and snug and look at the cosy hood – super absorbent bamboo to dry hair and keep warmth in!

5. Don’t let them play too long in the bath as it can dry their skin out.   You see, Bath time is fun and stress free.  What would you add?

You can find great items online at Childish Notions.  We love our sponges and Cuddle Dry towels, they are the best we’ve used.  Really- when it comes to gift idea’s for new parents and their babies I hope you’ll love the idea of the thermometer, Sponge and CuddleDry. I’ve used a few towels and CuddleDry is by far the best and a dream to dry the kids off with.

th_giveaway3Childish Notions wants to offer you a CuddleDry towel and natural sea sponge of your very own!  It’s simple to enter.  Subscribe to Everything Mom and Baby, and for bonus points feel free to follow me on social media, share posts and comment below!  Canadian Only, ends November.7/16
Childish Notion’s Giveaway!



  1. Amy Heffernan | 25th Oct 16

    The Crane Cool Mist Humidifer is neat also! Thanks!

  2. Viv Sluys | 25th Oct 16

    I think the Crane Cool Mist Humidifers are really neat. I like the owl one best.

  3. Cloe St-Amour | 25th Oct 16

    The Crane cool mist humidifier!

  4. kathy downey | 25th Oct 16

    I do love the
    Crane Cool Mist Humidifer

  5. Allie f | 25th Oct 16

    The Crane Cool Mist Humidifier 🙂

  6. Lynda Cook | 25th Oct 16

    The Booklet Toy is such a cute toy for the little ones, love it and I also really like the Sleep Lantern Night Light

  7. Lily | 26th Oct 16

    I like the swim diapers they have!

  8. Judy Cowan | 26th Oct 16

    Love the Cuddlemoo Toddler Towel! Very cute items!

  9. Erin W | 26th Oct 16

    I love the Jotchi, perfect for the nursery~

  10. kisten visser | 26th Oct 16

    There are so many great items! I love the Booklet Toy <3

  11. Rosanne Robinson | 26th Oct 16

    I would like to get the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier for my grandson’s room.

  12. Sarah De Diego | 27th Oct 16

    This would be so useful!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  13. nicky | 27th Oct 16

    I also love the Bambino training pants and the Bambino Mio Liners!

  14. Judy Cowan | 27th Oct 16

    Also like the Formula Containers.

  15. jan | 28th Oct 16

    I like that Thermobaby BabyCocoon Bathseat

  16. Linda | 29th Oct 16

    I would love to use the ‘kind to baby’ supersoft bamboo towelling washcloths for my son who has sensitive skin.

  17. Silvia D | 29th Oct 16

    I like the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

  18. Ira | 30th Oct 16

    Formula Containers and soft spoons look really great.

  19. Victoria Ess | 31st Oct 16

    I love the Crane humidifiers and bambino swimwear!

  20. Soozle | 5th Nov 16

    I also really like the Crane Cool Mist Humidifer and hand puppet lune

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