Netatmo Healthy Home Coach- Measure the air quality in your home

I know I can get cranky and tired and then major brain fog rolls in when the air quality is poor in my home. At this time of year we tend to keep the windows closed and Netatmo is here to give you peace of mind.   Netatmo Healthy Coach is a monitoring system that actually measures air quality and I can access the details through my phone telling me the temperature, air quality, humidity and even noise levels.  But since incorporating some much-needed changes I have fewer headaches and mental fogginess since fixing the air quality in my home.  Did you know that air quality indoors can be worse than the air outside? Poor air quality can trigger asthma, headaches and allergies just to name a few.  Possible contributors can be pets, furniture, moisture and even dryness in the air.

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Its intuitive application allows you to check in a glance if your home is healthy by accessing your Netatmo Healthy Coach from your phone. It sends you notifications when necessary to adjust settings and tips on how to clean your home.  Cool right? I think every home should have one.  It does need to be plugged in, it’s easy to use and attractive and you can move it from room to room.  It can be accessed whether you have an iPhone or Andriod. 

So right now my Healthy Coach is telling me my the air quality is poor in my home.  Click on the Air quality tab and it will you in detail what this means and at the moment I am feeling sleepy and my attention span could be better.  Looks like I should open a window to get some air in.  Open windows that allow fresh air.  Don’t trap those indoor pollutants, even a few minutes you can drop C02 ppm’s.  Ideally, ppm’s should be in the low 400 ppms. netatmo_healthycoach_emb

Still want to know more? Watch the video below and tell us what you like about it.  You’ll be entered to win a Netatmo Healthy Coach of your very own!

Netatmo costs $120 and can be purchased at Best Buy Canada.  You can follow Netatmo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Find my social buttons above and if you’re new feel free to Follow/Like.   I hope you check them out and start improving your air quality at home!


  1. Judy Cowan | 16th Dec 16

    Love that it monitors air quality, often wonder what ours it like. Also great that you can monitor it all from your phone.

  2. Silvia D | 16th Dec 16

    i like that you can check every room and monitor it from you phone,, it monitors air quality,noise, humidity and temperature!

  3. caroline m. | 16th Dec 16

    I would love to know the quality level of the air in our home.

  4. jan | 16th Dec 16

    Wonderful that you can assess the quality remotely.

  5. Gillian Morgan | 16th Dec 16

    I love that it monitors the quality of the air.

  6. nicky | 16th Dec 16

    I like that it can monitor my air quality to tell me whether i should open a window and get some air circulating! Great to get this info for a baby’s room!

  7. kathy downey | 16th Dec 16

    I like that it monitors air quality,noise, humidity and temperature!

  8. Randa Derkson | 16th Dec 16

    With a son who has breathing issues, I love that it tells me something that I usually cannot measure!

  9. Linda G | 16th Dec 16

    Quality of air is important especially for allergy sufferers.

  10. Ashleigh Swerdfeger | 16th Dec 16

    What a neat product. I like that it monitors air quality and humidity:

  11. Bailey Dexter | 16th Dec 16

    I like that The Healthy Home Coach also works with Apple’s HomeKit, so you could set it up to trigger your home’s smart AC when the temperature rises above a certain level,

  12. Victoria Ess | 17th Dec 16

    I love that it monitors the quality of the air and gives suggestions for how to improve it!

  13. Darlene Schuller | 17th Dec 16

    I love that you can monitor it from you phone.

  14. Jonnie | 17th Dec 16

    I love everything about it! Humidity seems to be a problem in certain rooms in my house so I would appreciate that feature a lot. I really love that it can monitor sound level to let me know when nap time isn’t happening!

  15. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 17th Dec 16

    I like that it monitors air quality,noise and humidity. My husband has allergies and this could really help

  16. Aneta alaei | 17th Dec 16

    I really like that this puts you in the know. Knowing just what is going on also helps you realize just how the environment is affecting you. The noise monitor is pretty awesome too 🙂

  17. Krista M | 18th Dec 16

    I am a mom of a child with allergies & special needs. The Netatmo could really improve quality of life for him. I admit I am not thinking about the quality of our indoor air a lot.. I think we all could use reminders to open a window or have suggestions on how to improve air quality. This is such a useful device!

  18. Bailey Tulak | 18th Dec 16

    Air quality can be a problem for us as we heat with wood. I love that it tracks humidity.

  19. Tina F | 18th Dec 16

    I SO love that you can check the air quality,temperature, humidity in any room in your home from your phone

  20. Sharon tees | 18th Dec 16

    This would be great for my son . Bad seasonal allergies

  21. Caryn Coates | 18th Dec 16

    I Love that it monitors the quality of the air and you can access it from your phone

  22. Ann E Bacciaglia | 18th Dec 16

    I find it cool that it monitors noise levels in the home! What a great feature.

  23. Sonia Carneiro | 18th Dec 16

    Today’s technology continues to amaze me!! It’s really cool that you can monitor all these features through a phone. Wow!!

  24. Brenda Lacourciere | 19th Dec 16

    I like that it monitors everything so you can take positive steps to improve your air quality.

  25. Soozle | 19th Dec 16

    I really like that you are able to monitor everything from your phone!

  26. Betty S | 19th Dec 16

    It is pretty smart, because it monitors humidity and temperature, and also noise quanity. great for baby’s room

  27. Robyn Bellefleur | 19th Dec 16

    I love that you can monitor it through your phone.

  28. Lucy | 20th Dec 16

    It’s great that you can monitor the air quality remotely!

  29. Alison Braidwood | 20th Dec 16

    I really like that you can monitor the air quality of each room, and from your phone.

  30. KellyPC | 21st Dec 16

    I love that I can monitor the room by phone!

  31. angela m | 21st Dec 16

    I love that you can monitor your air quality in your home on your phone.

  32. Katy Emanuel | 22nd Dec 16

    This looks like such a great tool to have in the home. For us humidity is a real issue after our recent move to Calgary we are learning quickly. It would also be great to monitor temperature in each room since I suspect my kids rooms might be pretty cold at night, but don’t really know without going in which would wake them. Am definitely going to have to look into getting this for our home.

  33. Kiara | 22nd Dec 16

    Interesting idea!

  34. Maritess | 22nd Dec 16

    I love that I can check conditions from my phone and adjust it from there, too. Hi-tech smart home and I am liking it.

  35. missbobloblaw | 23rd Dec 16

    I love that you can check the humidity in your house.

  36. lori butler | 23rd Dec 16

    i like how it measures the air quality

  37. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 6th Feb 17

    What a shame I missed this giveaway, sounds like a wonderful addition to any home, air quality is important and yet we don’t really now what it’s like in our own homes.

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