Breathe easier with the assistance of the Philips NanoCloud Humidifier Series 2000

Not to speak of winter on this super hot Toronto day but oh my was it ever brutal in our apartment when it came to air quality.  Now with the summer and the constant construction on the exterior, I have been nervous as to what we’re breathing in and it’s super dry in our home.  Like super dry. Ick.
The Universe was listening when I was thinking to myself that we need a new humidifier.  Enter the Philips NanoCloud Humidifier.  First off, I like the modern look. Second, I liked that I could breathe easier, third, I like the digital screen and easy touch buttons.  I mean, it’s a humidifier but here are some features you may want to know about, like the NanoCloud technology spreads 99% fewer bacteria than leading ultrasonic humidifiers and prevents wet spots and white dust. Perfect for bedrooms or the nursery.  When the humidifier is empty, don’t worry if you forget, it automatically shuts off.

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Philips NanoCloud Humidifier Features:

  • NanoCloud technology spreads 99% less bacteria than leading ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Uses regular tap water
  • LED display and simple control panel makes programming easy
  • 360⁰ design distributes humidified air evenly
  • Choose humidity level and the humidifier will automatically turn on and off to keep desired humidity
  • Sleep mode runs the humidifier at minimum noise level and shuts off the machine’s lights
  • Set the humidifier for 1, 4 or 8 hours, and it will automatically shut off
  • Features 3 fan speeds, with a maximum humidification rate of 1.4 gallons/24 hours
  • It’s round, minimalist design makes cleaning easyPhilipsNanoCloud-Digital
Natural evaporation adds water molecules to the air providing moisture thanks to the @Philips NanoCloud Series 2000 #Humidifier. Read the review here. Click To Tweet

Some other features that I like can be found in the tweets in this post but it’s also quiet and no descaling is ever required.  That’s another big plus for me. Because it releases smaller water particles, fewer bacteria is spread which is what I always worry about when it comes to humidifiers.  From what I’ve read, ultrasonic humidifiers release larger water particles and harbours bacteria which therefore spread.  Is the Philips Nano Cloud Series 2000 innovative? You bet! I am happy to say that I am adding a more pleasant air to our home because it has been so dry and I can’t believe how long I’ve suffered.   Thank you, Philips, for sending this along to us to review.   Cheers to breathing easier!

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Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Philips Canada. In exchange, I received perks of compensation and/or product. All opinions are always my own.


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    Thanks for the introduction,great review !

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