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“Enjoy summer without being bugged by mosquitoes. Discover NuTone HavenTM, the revolutionary mosquito repellent system, and take control of your yard!”

I don’t know about you but mosquitoes love me and if you find you’re not enjoying your yard because of those pesky buggers, NuTone will keep them away.  Check out this fantastic in-depth review on the NuTone Haven, from easy installation to saying buh-bye to those nasty little blood sucking buggers.  This is a  guest post from one of our friends.


NuTone. Does it work?

I’d like to start this review by answering the most important questions about this product. Does it work?In my opinion yes it does! How well it works was a bit difficult to quantify, it’s not perfect but I estimate that it reduces the mosquito population in the area by 80 – 90%.

Is it worth it? Yes? Reducing the mosquito population by 80% – 90% is significant.

Another big selling feature is that you don’t have to light candles and fill up citronella canisters etc…. Once it’s set up (which is relatively easy to do) you just turn it on. One press of a button and its working.

A little backyard info:

I’d like to give you an idea of what my backyard is like with respect to mosquitoes.  When I first moved in whenever I’d start cutting the grass I would have to stop and put on bug spray. I’m in the suburbs but there are a lot of trees in the area and a fairly large swampy area nearby.  The mosquito problem improved when I installed bug zappers. For the most part during the day I don’t need any bug spray and the kids can play in the yard unprotected.  At night it’s a different story, even with the bug zapper, bug spray is a must. At the peak of mosquito season, bug spray isn’t enough.

photo courtesy of NuTone Haven

The box says that it provides 440 square feet of protection. The box says it lasts 90 days when used 2 – 4 hours per day. Not too bad at all. 1st thing in the box was the user manual, one-page quick start and a limited warranty page.

The NuTone system consists of the following:

Controller with 65 feet of wire

Controller mounting bracket

Wire connectors, they look innovative (i.e., A person who is not electrically savvy shouldn’t be intimidated).

Fixture head, stem & stakes.

Mosquito Repellant Fluid

I’m assuming that since this system is approved for use in Canada that the repellant chemical is safe in the manner that it is to be used in the NuTone system. That said it’s worth investigating: Metofluthrin is the active ingredient.  For those that are worried if this is safe see the Metofluthrin fact sheet from the US Environmental Protection Agency, a  lot of information is out there, however it is considered safe (i.e., when using it in the NuTone system; don’t ingest it or put it on you skin).

Enjoy summer without being bugged by mosquitoes. Discover @NuToneHome HavenTM, the revolutionary mosquito repellent system, and take control of your yard! Click To Tweet

Set-up & Installation

My first and probably biggest complaint is that the NuTone system is not suitable for decks. The fixture heads are meant to be staked into the ground and the wires buried. My deck is above ground with no method provided to mount them to a deck. I had to use all round strapping (see pictures below). The “scariest” part about setting this up was the wire connectors. The instructions to me were not the greatest and I was worried I was going to do it wrong and render the whole thing useless. Well, it turned out that it wasn’t all that bad and the connectors were quite innovative. Now that I’ve connected the wires the user manual picture looks fine. But before I used them the pictures were confusing.

Haven backyard_1558_CAN
I’m sure the NuTone system is up to code electrically but to have bare wires exposed to the outside environment was a little concerning. That said I’m assuming it must be safe if it’s approved for sale in Canada.  Once I used a wire connector I didn’t want to remove it and re-attach it. Therefore I started at the end of the 65 feet of wire and connected the fixtures every 15 feet with the 1st fixture and the controller having 20 feet of wire in between (more wire between the 1st fixture and the controller is good because finding a plug may be a problem). I did it this way in case I wanted to move the system I would have greater flexibility.

I connected each fixture head one at a time and turned the power on to make sure that I did it correctly. That way if I screwed something up along the way I would know which connector or fixture head was the culprit. There is a green LED on the top of the fixture head that tells you when the power is on.

Installing the mosquito repellant fluid was very easy. This NuTone system reminds me of Glade plugins. Just pop them cartridge in and put the head back on:

I’ll provide details on my first night of use, however, I did use it over many nights with consistent weather/mosquito conditions and the results was fairly consistent.

July 30th, 2018

  • It’s been raining during the day. Currently, 21 °C, feels like 27 °C, clear and Relative Humidity 78%. There is no wind at all, very calm.
  • Bug zappers have been turned off for a couple of days.
  • NuTone System – OFF (9:00pm)
  • Are the bugs out? Yes, not a heavy amount of bugs but they’re out and they’re biting.
  • Patio Light is on to help attract bugs.
  • NuTone System – ON (9:30 pm)
  • At approximately 9:35 I noticed that the mosquitos were nowhere to be found.
  • I was quite surprised, there were not a lot of mosquitos, to begin with, but suddenly they were gone. I’m assuming it only took about 5 minutes for the system to work because the air was so calm.
  • Ten minutes or so into my test I saw one or two mosquitos (could have been the same one), it seemed to be flying in circles and not biting anything.

NuTone System – OFF (9:45 pm)

At 9:45 pm I turned the system off and notice that the bugs came back. I’m not sure how long it took for the mosquitos to come back but when they did it felt like they didn’t come back as much as before when I had the system turned on.

Summary: over the next few days I had similar experiences to the above. When the unit was on, the mosquitos disappeared, I would see them every so often with the odd time. To quantify the effectiveness of this system I thought about the nights where I didn’t have the system running and when it was running. On a normal night, I would average about 5 mosquito bites. With the system on I averaged one (and this could have been before I had turned it on). So without following a purely scientific approach, I would say the NuTone system is about 80% – 90% effective.

It works (that’s all I really care about)
Easy to set-up
Easy to operate – press one button, done!


Metofluthrin may be toxic (This may be a problem for some people, I’m not concerned)
Exposed wiring. Again this could be a problem for some, I’m sure it must be up to code, also, the unit is plugged into a GFCI receptacle.
Not made for an above grade deck: This was my biggest complaint, a big improvement would be brackets or stands in case there is no ground to stake them in to.

Where to buy NuTone? Find it at Lowe’s, RONA, ACE and Reno Depot

For protection and added comfort outdoors, @NuToneHome, HavenTM Backyard Mosquito Repellent System produces an invisible zone of protection that repels biting mosquitoes. Click To Tweet

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in collaboration with NuTone Haven.  All opinions are never influenced.

Haven family-v2_CAN

photos courtesy of NuTone Haven



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    I would love to own one of these, I would be able to enjoy the outdoors again!!

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